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ESPN alert - Big 10 going to conference only

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jul 9, 2020.

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    I am sure more info will come out, but it just popped up on my phone.

    EDIT: ok from the article it looks like the decision has been made but is not official. It apparently applies to all sports.
  2. If the conferences choose to play conference games only wonder who BYU will be playing.
  3. Buying time. Will be entertaining to watch the beauty pageant judges, I mean, playoff selection committee navigate this season with some mega-conference teams winding up with a very light schedule.

    Also, would not want to be an indie like ND or BYU this year... yeesh.
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  4. This doesn't make any sense. At all. Please tell me how this protects anyone from the virus. How is a Rutgers-Nebraska game SAFE, but a Rutgers-Temple game UNSAFE
  5. You can't have a 4 team playoff if everyone goes conference only.

    The only way to measure conference strength is non conference games.

    If all games are contained to conference play, how can one possibly definitively say a 12-0 Alabama is better than a 12-0 Appalachian State or UCF?
  6. I'm guessing corn may have something to do with it.
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  7. The dreaded “Eye Test”
  8. UCF would have had the eye test in 2018 then when they blew everyone out

    If Appalachian State runs through the Sun Belt beating everyone by 21+ a game, who is to say the Sun Belt competition is bad? How would you know they are bad?
  9. that is truly crazier than some of the other things you have said and that is pretty damn high bar
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  10. I am talking about it from a math standpoint

    The reason we know the Sun Belt is worse than the SEC is because in September the Sun Belt teams line up to get whooped by the SEC.

    Without any of that though, we would have no definitive way to prove the SEC is better than the Sun Belt.

    If UCF or SMU plays an AAC only 10 game schedule + CCG, and goes 11-0, and say the SEC and Big 12 teams all play a 10 game conference schedule and both league champs are 10-1, there is no definitive way to prove that the SEC/Big 12 schedules were tougher than the AAC schedules. Because there is no non conference records to "prove" that the SEC/Big 12 were better than the AAC. It can be assumed, but not proven
  11. as i said...................................
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  12. So explain how you can definitively prove the Big 12 or SEC is a better league than the AAC without non conference games...
  13. If you want fall sports, fearing how they’ll pick 4 teams for the CFP (an already pretty arbitrary process) should be the least of your worries.
  14. Clearly the Democratic cabal got to the Big 10 commissioner and athletic directors and convinced them to get rid of the non-conference games in order to influence the election in November
  15. This has never been “definitively proved” because we have always had a system intentionally constructed to keep it from doing so. But short of definitive, it’s pretty obvious.
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  16. chicken [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s, they are afraid to play real competition.

    in before Wex :)

    j/k, wex
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  17. The committee needs to do the right thing and make the playoff the four conference champions from SEC, Big 10, Clemson and Big 12.
  18. It does not. They are afraid to play Big 12 speed.
  19. I bet I could tell you how all of those school presidents vote (plus or minus 1). I think decisions like these are less about the election and more about how those on one side of the aisle have eaten up every headline that treats this virus like the Black Plague.
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