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ESPN alert - Big 10 going to conference only

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Bob Sugar, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. It’s lawyers man.
  2. This way without non-con games the big 10 can have 8 teams in the top 10.
  3. LVH -

    You are clueless !! It has nothing to do with which opponent is more safe or unsafe to play. The foolishness on this board is legendary !!

    Let me spell it out for you since you apparently need to be spoon fed.

    By cancelling non conference the season won’t start for B10 teams til Oct 15th instead of Sept 1st.

    Eliminating non-conference games allows the League to delay the season 6 full weeks which buys them a lot of time. By delaying the season like that, the league is hoping and praying the extra time gives the country time enough so that the virus is more under control and the States will open up more by then.

    This is all about DELAY DELAY DELAY so that some portion of the football season can be salvaged.

    You gotta put your big boy undies on and pay attention LVH !! You can’t count on everyone being as nice as I am and spoon feeding you when you are wandering around clueless with no idea what is going on in the big boy world.

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  4. TCU should keep FCS on schedule to make it 10 games
  5. I would almost guarantee that if there's no OOC games, then the post-season is, at best, in major major jeopardy. I'm guessing that CCG's will be the last games of the season (assuming we get that far), and we'll have a pre-1998 selected national champ.
  6. Why? Are three extra games really that big of a deal? TCU has to travel to WVU for Gods sake. I can see cancelling all of the bowls, but not the playoff
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  7. You’re explaining this concept to us like it’s complicated. Yeah we get it, if leagues don’t play each other, you can’t compare the league’s strength from an objective standpoint. This is not groundbreaking stuff here.
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  8. Ivy League cancelled all Fall sports...
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
  9. I could see that last bit as well, too much money on the table (especially I believe this is a Rose/Sugar year).

    I would imagine they are trying to limit contact, but conference games are harder to cancel. So while it's probably less risky to play, say, SMU than get on a plane to WVU, both of those options are less risky than the two combined, and we're bound to our conference mates.
  10. Expect the same from the pac 12 v soon
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  11. My daughter registered for classes last week at U of Wisconsin. Yesterday she looked and the schedule she had made was gone; it looked like everything switched to online.

    Might have just been a ghost in the machine but she's not real happy right now.
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  12. Please do not pay full price for online only.
  13. If all conferences follow suit it really screws ND, see there is a bright side after all.
  14. Yup.

    FYI: BEST case scenario now is that we have 50% capacity. In other words, the best case scenario goes down week by week.
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  15. With ND’s ACC schedule alliance and the league’s 8-game schedule they would probably actually add ACC opponents and they would work to get each team to 9.

    BYU is probably in a lot of trouble though.
  16. similarly - how do we know the Lakers are better at basketball than the paschal varsity team. they never play each other and I’m sure they’ve had some similar records.
  17. Right. Thinking it will be on campus, but with classes from the dorms, which also sucks but you at least get the campus experience.
  18. So I guess this means 3 wins and your bowl eligible
  19. Read yesterday that several parents are beginning to sue universities that do not intend to change pricing. Don't blame them. It's going to be a messy situation for colleges to try and justify no change to tuition while forcing 100% virtual classes.
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  20. Huge waste of money on attorneys fees by the parents.
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