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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. I thought we could accumulate all the news related to Big 12 foes that aren't continuing to cover up a rape epidemic (cause those stores belong in #BaylorTears).

    For example, one the mods at UT's 247 sites predicts UT at 10-2 (losses against TCU and OU). I probably read too much of the UT 247 site, but suffice it to say they aren't too jazzed about their QBs and their Oline still rides the struggle bus. But don't worry, they will still be able to fight their way to 10-2 even without a functioning offense. Mind you, it has been almost ten years and two coaches since they broke double digit wins, but just because they are UT they default to top 25/ten win predictions.
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  2. I know Kansas fans are already looking forward to Basketball Season coming soon.
  3. I live in OU/ Ok St country...Gundy says he has his best O-Line in 6 years to block for Justice Hill and they are definitely going to Start the 5th year Sr and former walk on Taylor “Corn-Dog” Cornelius at QB. In addition they have a new DC (Former Duke DC) who is supposedly dialing up a ton more risk out of the 4-2-5...

    OU is OU...The only thing you hear about up in OK is that OU should win the conference running away
  4. In other words, they don't think they can stop anyone playing conventional defense. Usually strategies like this backfire in a big way.
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  5. Texas reminds me a lot of where we were in 2013. They had a lot of close losses where if the ball bounces differently we feel differently about their season, and unlike our 2013 season, they even had a winning record. OT losses against both Oklahoma State and USC (both 10+ win teams), lost by 4 to Tech, 5 to OU. Even our game was close-ish before Darius broke that dude's ankles. The only real anomaly was that Week 1 drubbing against Maryland. That team easily could have been in the 8-4 - 10-2 range last year.

    If they can keep Erhlinger's head from going squish, they are going to be in the upper portion of the conference.
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  6. I think Oky State is primed for a 2014 type of year (6-6). If the OL is that legit and Hill stays healthy they will be in the 9-10 win range, but can't see them doing much more than that. Losing Rudolph, Washington and Ateman is rough.
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  7. i like the 2013 comparison. think people keep forgetting texas had a load of defensive talent last year and orlando is a very good defensive coach with some great teachers among his defensive position coaches.

    big difference is that we were not nearly as experienced in 2013 as the texas defense was last year. mensa and orlando trotted out against tcu a defense that started 3 seniors with a combined 9 letters, 7 juniors with 12 letters (juco aa gary johnson was the only junior who had never lettered), and 1 freshman in brandon jones who was an elite recruit

    that defense had 5 players who currently are in nfl camps (elliott, ford, hill, hughes, and jefferson) and 2 players who could have gone in the nfl draft last year in boyd and charles omenihu.

    they were able to stay in most games because of that defense and they really were only rebuilding on one side of the ball. strong had them stacked defensively and orlando did a great job from there.
  8. Can you explain the corndog nickname?
  9. I think it's a valid comparison except that TCU had several years of winning football very recently leading up to that 2013 debacle. For Texas, it's been almost 10 years since they were good. So I'm a little more skeptical that they can all of a sudden get the ship righted this season.
  10. Ok St.. Response

    Corn Dog was just a nick name he picked up from Gundy when he was a Freshman..Don’t think there is any other reason but that it was a derivative of Cornelius

    As for the new DC..They’ve been mediocre on def for the whole 4-5 year run of their last DC...Knowles had a really good reputation in the ACC with Duke and there is optimism he can turn around OK St. May backfire but how much worse can they get? His biggest challenge will be getting Gundy to slow down so his guys can rest a little. Pretty much the same conversation GP had with Cumbie last season. I think they are an 7-8 win team..Gundy team will score some points. They are still going to be good a WR, Nothing like last year but Stoner kid is a player.

    Overall Gundy is copying GP..He’s all out going after size..The restbof the league took notice of TCU successs getting bigger and more physical in the trenches..
  11. Since 1986 they've had 17 seasons of five or more losses. In other words, more often than not in the last 32 years, they've lost at least five games (and that includes nine losing seasons!) Take away the 6-year stretch between 2004-2009 and they won at a less than 60% clip. I think they'll eventually "be back" as they say almost every year because they have so many built-in advantages, but you almost have to try to be that bad. It's beyond embarrassing.
  12. As for OU...

    Interesting to note that they’ve had 5 season ending injuries in the def side of the ball already. Obviously that’s where they’ve been average..Bookie kid who was picked as pre-season def fresh of the year is being talked about like he’s going to be the next coming of Ronnie Lot..They talk about him as glowingly as Kyler. They will likely start 2 true freshman in secondary..

    Offensively most think it going to be a ton of 2 back sets with Anderson and Sermon along with 3 burners at the WR..The offense will likely look a little bit more like it did with Mixon and Perine..They want to run it and throw it to the backs a ton and try to get you near the line of scrimmage. From there they’ll try and get one of the speedsters behind you. They think they can kill the conference on the ground. They have horses on offense
  13. LSU transfer?
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  14. And beating Texas again.
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  15. UT has some elite (but young) secondary players, but their LBers are already banged up and their front isn't that scary this year. They are primed to lose several 21-17 games this year, similar to last year. They dont have a playmaker outside of LJH. Their #1 back is a bruiser and they don't have a speedster to couple with him. Their offense will struggle to scare anyone.
  16. I think so too. Their defense on conf. games and bowl games only allowed an average of 18 pts./game and we were 20. Of course that pounding OU put on us in the championship game didn't help our stats.
  17. disagree on the texas front. charles o was a beast at the end of last year and his staying was huge for them. graham is up over 280 and one i really wish we would have won the battle on. if they can keep him outside opposite charles that gives them a couple of very good 5-techniques. key is nelson and his staying healthy. if the shoulder holds up can he replace ford over the center or do they have to slide graham inside? they also have some young talent in their front

    they do have speed at running back, but it is in the form of a freshman and the grad transfer from cal. they are bringing the frosh from carthage along slowly, but don't be surprised if he sees carries sooner in the year and anderson is recovering from a knee. if he can come back their offense will get a big boost.

    biggest question in their run game is the role of the quarterback. mensa has always featured the quarterback in his run game, but i am not sure sam or buechelle can hold up. hand was supposedly brought in to improve the run game
  18. [​IMG]
  19. They also lost a starting corner to injury in their last scrimmage according to the Statesman insider.

    What funny to me is their run game stunk last year and somehow they are getting the benefit of the doubt where we have two studs returning nobody in the national media wants to talk about
  20. The injury news coming out across the conference is what makes me most nervous about GPs closed practice policy..We likely have had some injuries we won’t know about until the opening game..Hopefully nothing to significant

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