Easy fix to the CFP committee

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  1. Of course I want 8 teams.

    But in the mean time, assuming they are genuine in their intentions (spoiler: they are not), why don't they just televise the deliberations?

    That way we can see what their logic actually is. If they are truly the best minds in college football and objective, there shouldn't be anything to hide, right?

    So televise and we can all at least see the process to screw TCU.
  2. C'mon man, that's just lame. It really is.
  3. Right on cue.

    I guess it’s lame that senate and congressional proceedings are televised, too.
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  4. I can remedy the CFP Committee with one of these.
  5. Thot this might be about a new castration technique
  6. So is voting over playing to determine the participants.
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  7. I figured the easiest fix was to dissolve it.
  8. Right on cue or not, nobody is “screwing” TCU. You have an offense that looks like it’d struggle scoring against air sometimes, can’t really run the ball with any consistency and basically have zero downfield passing game, and get totally outclassed two times by a team that had a lot harder time beating every other halfway decent team in the conference, you just take your #15 ranking and move on.
  9. There are a couple of easy fixes in my opinion:

    1) Provide the public with a vote total or create some sort of point system like other polls. This would enable people to see how close or far apart each team actually is in the eyes of the committee.
    2) For a non-conference champion to unequivocally be considered better than a conference champion then they must have a 75% super majority of the committee to agree that team is in fact better than the conference champion. (something along those lines). The chair person can always say "Some of our members thought the non-champion was better, but it just wasn't quite a super majority. As a result we were required to include the conference champion in the playoff." That would make it possible for a non-champion to make the playoff, but it would ensure that the team was actually unequivocally better. It would also make the conference championship MUCH more valuable.
  10. I don't understand the fixation on "conference champions". Back in the day when every conference was 10 or less teams and everyone played one another it was different. Once conferences split and these stupid championship games started being played (which usually DON'T match up the two best teams in the conference and whose participants are usually benefactors of the stupid HTH tie-breaker in which the home field got a huge advantage), the value of a championship dropped significantly in my opinion. And if TCU goes 9-0 in conference play and loses the championship game to a team that finished 7-2, you're going to consider the 7-2 team the "champion"? [ What the heck? ], that makes no sense. Conference championships these days are borne from money grabbing and TV right fees and little else.
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  11. BEAT stanford
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  12. SicEm365 called. They miss you...
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    You are the first person in this thread to mention anything in regards to "screwing TCU." Think that probably says a lot about preconceived notions and bias.

    I read the OP as just expressing a thought that in general, many if not most, cfb fans across the country would express.
  14. It's a good concept in theory, but as the new CFP spokesman said concerning the latest CFP Poll:
  15. Exactly. It would be a buzz kill and downright embarrassing to the committee to reveal it’s really a kegger complete with beer pong and pole dancers. And Wexahu Bussing tables.
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  16. God you are a beating.
  17. Read the OP, it specifically says so we can see the process to "screw TCU".
  18. That makes two of us I guess.
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  19. You just slayed an entire village of straw men with that one.
  20. The very last sentence, yes. Pretty sure that was tongue in cheek, at least that's how I took it. The main point of the post was again, a general thought on the cfb playoff stuff, which again, most fans would express as well.

    Just because someone mentions something about the committee doesn't mean they're looking at it from TCU centered glasses.
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