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Early NFL entrants

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Wexahu, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. i guess matthew was comforting mensa in their photo.
  2. OU Bobby Evans declares...Sooners now loosing 4 of 5 OL starters
  3. Brandon Jones returning to Texas. Don’t think that’s a bad thing imo
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  4. I just assume that have 4 All Americans waiting their turn.
  5. Big 12 is loosing a ton of players next year..

    Should be wide open and nobody in the conference will return more starters then the Frogs...If we are fighting for another invite to the ham sammich bowl next year GP needs to fire everybody.
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  6. I’m sure they considerable more talent then most and they definitely have probably the best OL coach in America but replacing 4 OL, QB, and 2 WRs is going to test boy genius
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  7. Losing.
  8. I don’t know..Losing a ton of players might make the Big12 somewhat loose
  9. Wish he and Collier had Blacklock this past season. That would have made a difference against aOSU, and the season would have set up differently. Not a doubt in my mind.
  10. DA is fine with it.
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