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Early NFL entrants

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Wexahu, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Didn't see a thread on this and thought it might be useful. If it's already out there and I missed it, I'll delete.

    Anyway, Marquise Brown turning pro.
  2. Thanks for starting. Just waiting to hear on Niang on our side. Gladney is probably the only other guy to worry about.

    Hoping both UT WRs go pro.
  3. Think I heard on radio this morning they’re most likely staying
  4. Just did a quick google and Humphrey got a disappointing grade (3rd to 6th round) so he will be back almost certainly.

    Really need Johnson to get a good grade and go. Did see that safety Brandon Jones got a good grade, hopefully he's gone.
  5. humphrey is one of those interesting situations where i don't think his draft slot goes up by staying a year because i don't think he will ever run the time in the 40 that the nfl wants out of top round selections.

    he is a big receiver who projects to a flex position in the nfl, catches the ball well, runs well after the catch, and blocks well. all things the nfl wants in a player at that position, but one they aren't willing to spend a high selection on versus guys like will fuller and john ross who go high simply because of their 40 times.

    i also don't think johnson projects high.
  6. Cody Ford is gone.

    Collin Johnson probably 90% gone, said he received a favorable report but no other details.
  7. I have always found the obsession with "speed" to be silly. Some guys run fast. Some guys catch the damned ball. Very few can do both. Given the choice between speed, and ability to catch the damned ball, I believe catching the damned ball is superior in importance to running fast. If the Fastest Receiver in the World does nothing but drop the damned ball, well...
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  8. Then he'll just sue the University for getting injured and taking away his first class airline ticket.
  9. wouldn't know in houston as fuller is made of glass which seems to be a requirement for every texans "speed" receiver

    the list is long with the top of the draft receivers who never made an impact other than to the scouts with stop watches.

    i don't know what hopkins runs, but in their offense it doesn't matter and if he can get his hands on it mark it as a catch.
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  10. I've never understood why guys run 40's for scouts in shorts and track shoes when football is played in cleats and a helmet/pads. Relative to everyone else, Jerry Rice wasn't that fast in terms of 40 time but was very fast on a football field in pads. There's no doubt that certain players agility is affected more by a helmet and pads than others, you'd think that would be something the scouts would want actually measured.
  11. I endorse this opinion done in Barry Switzer voice!
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  12. Yes! Finally something upon which we can all agree with Todd D.!! It's going to be a good year.
  13. article on the origins of the 40.

  14. Michael Irvin wasn’t the fastest 40 guy but he got separation and ran away from defenders in route to long catches or scores. Emmitt Smith wasn’t a burner either, but was gone more often than not once he burst into the open. What I referring to is FB speed rather than a straight line 4o time. Think that is a more important component. Reagor has both.
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  15. Terrell Owens is another good example of a player who had bad track speed but good football speed. Owens ran a 4.63 forty at the combine, yet consistently ran past NFL defenders. He had some sort of second gear that wasn’t accurately measured by the forty yard dash.
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  16. The guy I want going pro more than anyone is Lincoln Riley.
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  17. What about their ability to catch the regular, undamned ball?

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  18. This is all I think of when I hear Brandon Jones.

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  19. Best part is the attempted trip as DA was running by
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  20. When was the game where the Rice coach had the whole Diocese on their sideline? Methinks he was on to something...

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