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Early NFL entrants

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Wexahu, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Collin Johnson is returning. Not good
  2. 'football speed' always more important than timed speed. granted, that really comes into play with a corner, but rcvrs fit into it.
  3. not worried.
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  4. Still wears putrid orange. #notback
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  5. Gladney got this
  6. Loved Michael but he was the master of the push off.
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  7. Pro game references aren’t very relevant. At the pro level there are 3 times the amount of contested- 50/50 balls then in the college game. An NFL guy has to do more than be a sprinter to be a difference maker. Put a speedster in the right system in college and he’ll look like an All American the day he steps on campus..See Marquis Brown at OU..That guys will be an average NFL WR. Part of the problems with our passing game is most the passes we throw beyond the line of scrimmage are 50/50 balls. Contrast that with OU or OSU who are throwing into seems and crossing space allowing their WR to beat coverage it’s just a completely different philosophy.
  8. These situations are equalizers of sorts for programs like TCU that don’t quite get the number of elite recruits that other teams might. Obvious I know, but the big power programs lose guys almost every year and sometimes lots of them. And it’s getting more and more rampant it seems.
  9. Excellent point...At the end of the day that’s what makes Bama and Clemson so special. They have been able to build depth like nobody has seen since the old cheating non-scholarship limit days..
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  10. Big for the rest of the Big 12
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  11. David Long, WVU is going pro.

    WVU will take a step back next year and we have them at The Carter but this is a big loss on their defense.
  12. david long is an interesting decision.
  13. There might be more early entrants than NFL draft picks before it's all said and done.
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    IMO a good RB should always go early. That’s just not a long shelf life. Get paid while you can.
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  15. Another lose for ISU
  16. in all honesty the only reason i click on this thread is hope i read lucas niang is staying for his senior season
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  17. Lil' Jordan turning pro.
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