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DMN: TCU RB Sewo Olonilua squats 705 lbs twice in front of teammates

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. DMN: TCU RB Sewo Olonilua squats 705 lbs twice in front of teammates

    By Dean Straka , Sports Digital Editor
    Contact Dean Straka on Twitter: @dwstraka49

    TCU running back Sewo Olonilua hasn't been shy about showing off his strength this offseason.

    A video posted by TCU football Friday afternoon showed the senior tailback from Houston, Texas squatting 705 pounds not once but twice in the team weight room, sending teammates into a frenzy as he accomplished the feat.

    Read more at https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/co...olonilua-squats-705-lbs-twice-front-teammates
  2. Awkward headline is awkward.
    Non sports person will think “He did what?!?!?! In front of his teammates?!?!? Twice?!?!? Oh the humanity!!!”
  3. Do not try this at home!

    Seriously, you need skilled professional assistance once you try something like this. Or maybe skilled professionals of the psychology type?

    Anyway that is really awesome. Sewo obviously works hard, he just needs some polishing to become a really good power back.
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  4. I like it !!
  5. You know it’s heavy when the bar starts bending.
  6. I was surprised that he did not use any padding on the bar. Amazing that much weight did not bruise him.
  7. Maybe we will not punt on fourth and one this year.
  8. That’s a good-looking defensive end.
  9. His traps are bigger than any bar padding at the gym.
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    Given how the TCU athletic student body is one big injury waiting to happen, does this annual lift-fest seem like not such a great idea to anyone else?

    (I assume this is part of the annual tradition where most of the team competes to see how much they can lift.)
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  11. I do catch myself holding my breath on stuff like this....
  12. Not unless GP had a DNA transplant
  13. Seeing the weights being lifted is great, but at this point after having several players lost for the season due to injury over the past few years. I would rather there be more emphasis on not blowing out knees.
  14. Looks painful.
  15. And what would that emphasis be? A lot of this stuff (ligaments injury) is just genetics and freak occurrences. Not much you can do, other than the level these guys are training to prevent that stuff.
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  16. Lifting an insane amount of weight seemed to do wonders for Jaelen Austin.

    I get that guys need to get stronger but absolutely maxing out to where you can only do one or two reps of a weight seems unnecessary to playing football. But I’m not a trainer so maybe it is useful.
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    Lots of armchair S&C coaches in here.

    Lifting heavy (92%+ 1RM) with low numbers increases neurological firing leading to increased strength without adding mass. Lifting heavy is the only way to do this. The team most likely uses the conjugate system to develop speed/power and explosiveness, this requires lifting heavy. Tendons/ligaments grow 3x slower than muscles do. They need a [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] ton of stimulation to grow. How do you do that? Lift heavy.

    How do you strengthen ligaments and tendons? Lift heavy.
    How do you get stronger without adding unwanted mass? Lift heavy.
    Padding on the bar only puts the back at a mechanical disadvantage and increases lower back injury risk due to moment arm extension. Use your natural padding (traps/delts) to protect the bone.
    Literally no chance of "blowing a knee out" by lifting heavy. What happens is you lift light, don't stress the tendons/ligaments enough, then try and cut full speed and screw yourself. Or worse, you use a machine (leg press) to go heavy and be "safe" where you don't activate the stabilizers, go to cut, then rip half your [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].

    FYI Don Sommer interned under Louie Simmons who consults for multiple NFL teams including the Patriots and pioneered the conjugate system. Leave the S&C work to the experts.
  18. Learn something every day, thanks for the info. Makes sense.
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  19. If it ain't bendin' you're just pretendin'
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