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DMN: Gary Patterson makes it clear: TCU's secondary was 'bad' against Iowa State

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. DMN: Gary Patterson makes it clear: TCU's secondary was 'bad' against Iowa State

    By Grant McGalliard

    TCU head coach Gary Patterson took part in the weekly Big 12 media teleconference Monday, and the big takeaway is that he's not happy with how his secondary has performed.

    The Horned Frogs gave up 436 yards of offense against Iowa State in a 49-24 loss Saturday. Brock Purdy, the Cyclones' sophomore quarterback, accounted for 349 of those, passing for 247 and running for 102 more. He also had four total touchdowns.

    Despite the return of cornerback Julius Lewis to the secondary, TCU often looked lost in coverage against Iowa State. Patterson specifically called out his safeties in the teleconference, especially senior Vernon Scott.

  2. D-line must have looked good in comparison.
  3. So we were hurt by one LB and the safeties..... was there no film available for him to watch of our DE?????
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  4. Safeties are all big 12 compared to both DE
  5. Is Coach P Captain Obvious?
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    It’s articles like this that make me trend toward not listening to one thing he says. How do you write an article full of quotes from the head coach about how bad the defense was and there isn’t one comment about a guy who looked like he was doing the exact opposite of what a DE is supposed to be doing? Jesus Gary, our cat watched most of the second half with me and even she saw it.
  7. Yea our secondary relies on DE pressure. To call them out seems odd.
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  8. blaming the players by name publicly, good leadership
  9. To be fair, GP not commenting on the DL was probably because Jeremy's question was: 'talked about the defensive line a few weeks ago, so I want to ask about the safeties...' and GP is, well, GP.
  10. This was my main takeaway from the article....."in this defense you have to play a lot better if you want to be really good" - GP

    As opposed to that other defense where you don't really have to play well to be really good? Can we start playing that defense?
  11. Useless. His press conferences are 110% scheissing useless.
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  12. I'd recommend to everyone that they go spend 10-15 minutes watching some of the replay and just focus on the DE play. You will be absolutely shocked... like a HS kid lining up taking snaps
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  13. Maybe the best yet. Kelsey likes dogs but maybe not your cat.

    GP's fooled me 2 years in a row with his blah, blah, blah. so I qualify for being a fool but at least going forward, no more listening or reading about GP, it's all diversion and sleight of hand. It's everyone's fault, including the fans, but for sure not him, or he would fix it.
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  14. Affirmation...while stating the obvious
  15. Ouch. Count me as one who wasn't too worried about it going into the season given GP's track record at that position. Oops.
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  16. Comical it’s so bad
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  17. A. He also gave Vernon credit for lining up well. Said he'll get better as it goes on. (So stop taking stuff out of context, folks. Bad enough we only get to see a small part of post game press conferences, when so much more is said.)
    B. If the seconday is no doing well, then it will affect the rest, very much. Just reality of the modern game. You can't have a guy sit rover and miss on the qb's eyes that much.

    It is good to see GP say this stuff, because everyone sees there are some who have taken plays off. And he points out how things were not looking sharp on Thursday. Champ teams have to grow quick and you have to go hard all the time. It aint easy to do. But my guess is they will get it figured out.

    Still possible for this team to win quite a few more games.
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  18. And guess who is coaching the DE's? Hate to be this way, but when he was coaching NFL talent it was easy. Now coaching is almost everything.
  19. Our secondary played well against Iowa State outside of the bite on the tight end wheel
  20. Not exactly fair. That "NFL talent" wasn't really considered NFL talent when they got on campus.

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