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DMN: Gary Patterson makes it clear: TCU's secondary was 'bad' against Iowa State

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. I’m pretty sure 99% of all coaches press conferences regardless of sport are useless.
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  2. they tackled the QB well at the end of long runs except when they didn’t
  3. We were completely bamboozled by the wheel route in the SMU game and the Iowa State game.
  4. you obviously missed last years kansas' game, and then there was ............
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  5. Our defensive ends should never allow a QB to run on our defense like Purdy did this past Saturday. He kept running to the edge right around our DEs.
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  6. My adhd kicked in overdrive during the game and he was all I could focus on from the defense. It was the craziest thing - only thing close would be watching Darius try and block in the backfield for all offensive plays.
  7. Yeah, sadly, we seem to be bamboozled by this play or a rb out of the backfield getting open for years now.
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  8. Wow. Just wow. When you're watching the game in real time you can easily miss stuff like that just following the ball. Not only like a HS kid, but a HS kid who doesn't really know what he's supposed to be doing out there. Not sure I've ever seen a guy get more easily blocked.....over and over and over. No wonder we couldn't stop a damn thing.
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  9. Against Iowa State the problem was getting off blocks so they could never be in the right position

    SMU they were in the right position but couldnt tackle worth a damn
  10. Typical of GP to find the nearest senior and blame them for all the problems
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  11. This is because we waste DE that get no pressure. We should have LB or safeties squatting in the flats, but rather have 4 DL getting no pressure so wee also have to blitz a safety and maybe a LB. unfortunately, nobody left to cover the flats.
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  12. "We didn't get anything in the (Iowa State) ballgame that we didn't work on in practice. We've gotta do a better job of that."

    Post game -"they did things in the QB run game we hadn't seen before."
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  13. last year frogs had two de's who got drafted and they still couldn't cover the back out of the back field.

    backs out of the back field and crossing routes.
  14. I would be perfectly fine if Gary never spoke publicly about this team ever again
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  15. Gary needs to take a course on accountability. Horrific month for him
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  16. I remember GP calling out Sewo and Sewo responded.
  17. I think our offense plays that defense often.
  18. Or any use of a tight end in the passing game and any quarterback run! Other than that...

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