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DKR Expansion

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Gringo1873, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. might be and i am too lazy to look up the details. last i had heard is they still were trying to get the city of austin to pay for part of it as they did with the drum, there was discussions over locations, and i had never heard if they settled on a location and a start date.

    biggest issue with that is they need to do something because the drum is going away for the medical school building. this isn't like the new south end zone project which is basically smoke and mirrors for herman to sell the fluff of the program which is what they continually miss in austin.

    freaking win and do so on a regular basis and you don't need robotic lockers or that abomination that looks like so many of the high rise condos that have ruined the vibe of south congress
  2. Is this really a thing?
  3. He'll be CDC's whipping boy.
  4. Kim's excited

  5. Mensa’s extended awkward silence is a thing.

  6. loved him in cool hand luke

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  7. They have to address their upcoming tailgate issue. The State is taking most of the locations where tailgating happened for the Capitol Complex and mall.
  8. Nice endzone. Too bad the rest of that stadium will still be a dump.
  9. "One day at a time, sweet Jesus...."
  10. clock is ticking and based upon this article i found online cdc floated out the idea of a 10,000 seat arena which tells me austin said no on the funding. still no timeline on when construction begins and more importantly demolition on the drum for the start of the dell medical complex

  11. Kim's at a grocery story showing NK's ability to process dirt into various food products.........
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  12. Quietest 100k+ stadium in the country. It's a nice stadium, but certainly isn't anything special.
  13. They don't have much to cheer for these days!
  14. upload_2018-8-13_10-20-31.jpeg
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  15. When UTx's south end zone expansion was last on the front burner, at least for public discussion during the waning years of DeLoss Dodds, one of the expensive problems they faced is the fact that some very expensive basketball practice facilities are right on the footprint of where a south end zone expansion would go, facilities named for (and mostly paid for by) Dr. Denton Cooley. The basketball stuff was built during the Rick Barnes years, so it it only roughly 10 or 15 years old, and cost like $40 (IRRC) to build.

    I wonder if the $175 includes a tear-down of the basketball facilities and a rebuild somewhere else. If so, the $175 is less surprising.
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  16. Anyone that thinks the City of Austin is likely to pay for all or a significant portion of the tab for a basketball house for UTx (or even sillier, thinks Travis County will) isn't paying attention to local politics around here.

    Major league soccer is being dragged through the first few levels of Hell trying to get City participation, or even permission, for a new pro soccer facility on a former toxic waste dump that the City now owns. On a 10+1 city council there are at least 4 solid "no" votes for any city taxpayer money or assets going for that project.

    Granted, the MLS franchise that wants into Austin is owned by some carpetbagger mid-westerners, Al Davis wanna-be's, perhaps**. UTx has a hell of a lot more local political swing than MLS does. All that being said, I don't think anyone at UTx is counting on much in the way of local government participation in funding UTx athletic facilities.

    ** And it would be a laugh to swipe any relatively high-profile sports franchise from Columbus, Ohio, where the MLS team plays now.
  17. i agree which is why i think cdc ran out the idea of a "smaller" facility seating around 10,000.

    most fans are not realistic and goodness knows texas fans/alums think the money is free flowing in austin. don't think they realize how much it cost to run that athletic department and more importantly the cost to build a facility from the ground up. additionally as you pointed out they have issue of practice facilities for basketball etc...
  18. Just wait until they find out about the reseating process based on Bevo Points

  19. Shouldn’t they have ditched the LHN for a worthless online streaming service by now?

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