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  1. Great first two years. But man, can he just not recruit? Did great with Johnson recruits but his own haven't shown to be more than average. Bane, Davis good but no big men? Samuel is average. C'mon Dixon, we need a big recruit to sign! Maybe he should hire Johnson to recruit for him?
  2. Needs to recruit Texas better, but overall too early to tell
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  3. Please delete
  4. I think Noi is our best player. I am not impressed with most of the guys he recruited. I do think Samual will be a force these next couple of years as will Davis. I don’t see anyone else in this freshman class ever playing after this year and that includes RJ.
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  5. snowflake, sorry t hurt your feelings.
  6. We had 7 scholarship players playing tonight. Looks like we’ll have 6 moving forward (Hoping AROb just had a cramp), but yeah the best coach we’ve ever had can’t recruit.
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  7. let's face it basketball is not the same as football. three years is more than enough to field a competitive big twelve team. We are at this point a bottom feeder with not much upside. Not impressed with Dixon recruiting: no pure shooters: no big man: all in all a big nothing. On a scale of 1-10 I would say a zero. On to Baseball we'll check in on basketball in a few more years
  8. This...
  9. Oh. Sorry. Mine was full of sarcasm. I will not have a bad thing to say about Jaime Dixon. I remember how awful things were for 2 decades.
  10. If smooth was a Warriors fan he'd want to fire Steve Kerr and trade Steph Curry.
  11. This guy (or gal) seems totally legit.
  12. LOL. Relax. I didn't say fire him. Good Lord.
  13. I think this is overreactionary...by alot.
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  14. This thread was started by a scheissing basketball retard. Our program has gotten better every year. But with Fisher, Noi, Mayen, Alok and McWilliams out with injury, what do you want? And Archie gone too?

    Dixon’s recruits include Fisher, Bane, Samuel, Davis, Noi, Mayen. I love ARob and JD, but only an idiot would say we need more Trent Johnson recruits.

    This board must lead the world in bad basketball takes.
  15. Right, because that would be ridiculous and you would NEVER say anything ridiculous.
  16. It's too bad you don't know my basketball background. I'll just leave it at that.
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  17. Delete thread, ban Steelfrog!
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  18. you guys sound like mccabe, comey, strozk, Brennan and the gang. If you disagree with someone they must go? bunch of damn communists
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  19. The Warriors are in 1st place in the West right now. Why would smooth be upset about that?

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