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  2. Funny, but Dixon had a couple of pretty good recruiting classes. Either the kids haven't developed yet, aren't panning out, or transferred. Or are injured. The purely evil timing of the transfers, followed closely by the Injury Reaper, have utterly crushed what was a semi-promising season. Is that All Dixon's Fault? Nope. Not hardly.

    Dixon is a fine coach, and a good guy. We're lucky to have him. His job is resting on the whims of 18-year-old knuckleheads a lot of the time. I believe he gets cut all the slack we can give him.
  3. My only real disappointment is whatever happened with Archie, Alok and McWilliam. All those guys would be playing a good amount right now.
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  4. I'm less concerned about Dixon's recruiting ability than his coaching ability. Too many questionable decisions in game and the lack of an actual offense are mind boggling. Also, no ability to design a consistent in-bounds play. Would also be nice if we could design a defense where every defender is only worried about staying with his man instead of everyone crashing down to the paint when an opponent drives the lane and leave 3-4 men wide open on the 3 point line.

    Samuel and Davis are going to be great. Noi and Bane were great finds. It's not Dixon's fault Fisher was always injured and appears Mayan as well. The misses are clearly Nembhard, McWilliams and Alok.

    Other concern is how Robinson and Miller regressed this year.
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  5. And have lost 2 games to teams in as bad, if not worse shape

    OSU lost 8 scholarship players and played walk ons that they got after the season started

    Cry me a river
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  6. You're a below average troll
  7. I think anyone questioning Dixon as a basketball coach, more importantly TCU’s basketball coach is either a troll or certifiably has [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] for brains.

    Good day.
  8. This is kind of where I am. Dixon obviously has skins on the wall, but when I watch us play I'm not seeing what looks to me like a well-coached team. Making smart decisions, good shot selection, good play off the ball, everyone looking like they know their role and how to play it....I don't really see any of that on a consistent basis at all.

    Maybe it's all the injuries and defections, I don't know, but it is concerning that everything looks so loose out there.
  9. Two of them couldn't play at the level Jamie was looking for when they started practicing at TCU and the one in the short shorts who played thought he was better than Bane with his 8% field goal percentage from 3 point range. They were a collective bad miss. Someone on here on another post said Fisher didn't like the classroom and school books.
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  10. Samuel is the 4th leading rim protector (blocks per game) in the big 12 as a redshirt freshman. I’d say that is pretty strong.
  11. Hey, keep in mind that TJ gave us Kenrich Williams, who is the best player to come out of TCU in 20 years. I'd go to war with 5 Kenny's on the court.

    I have high hopes for Samuel, but Vlad was also a really good college center, who we miss dearly right now, with the front court's inability to consistently create offense. That guy seemed to hit a shot just when the offense began stalling.

    Bottom line: JD's recruits have been better as a whole, but the mass transfers do worry me. If it were just the Archies of the world transferring for more PT that's one thing. But he couldn't hang onto Alok for more than half a season, and Fisher bounced too?
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  12. If all those are true, then that reflects poorly on JD's talent identification.
  13. If Coach Patterson is reading this thread this morning, he's got to be like," Short honeymoon Jaime. This is only 1/10th the heat I got losing to Texas Tech and KU.... in football... both teams canned their head coach."

    I go back to funding and team support. These TCU programs have beyond both and their should be an expectation to compete for championships.

    With the switch in the batting lineup Saturday for TCU baseball and the offense side of their game re appearing after going into hibernation for a year... I hold out hope for a 2019 TCU baseball championship. We are due for one.

    Somehow I want to blame CDC for this past football, 2018 baseball, and current basketball season. Two dumpster fires and one looking like it is starting for basketball.
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  14. There is no way you are watching the games if you haven't seen him get dunked on over and over at the rim. It's that bad. He gets dunked on inbound passes under the basket too. He seems too nice at this current state. I do like where he can go from here though. He just needs more work this off season.
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  15. NIT tournament win, first NCAA tournament bid in 20 years = 0/10. Wow.

    If we had a healthy Fisher and Noi we win last night's game easily and probably have 5 more wins this season. We are competitive in every game. In 2013 we lost EVERY SINGLE B12 game. Building a competitive B12 team? Who's competitive besides KU? They've won 14 straight Big 12 titles. And they are cheating:



    3 years may be enough if you're cheating, do you really want to win this way? Jamie is doing things the right way while staying competitive with a bunch of cheaters.
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  16. Fisher is probably done and who said Jaime didn't want Alok to go down the road. We just need to finish as strong as we can this year and then have an incredible off season this year. If Bane and Noi come back for next season, plus Davis, and maybe we hit on some transfers and this recruiting class then all problems go away. Keep marching Coach Dixon.
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  17. Probably? Lol
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    I actually think TCU should be very proud of how they've played with teams like KU and ISU.

    It's losing to a very bad OSU (and almost losing to them at home) and getting swept by OU and their unpaid Larry Bird look-alike that will leave this team wondering what could have been.
  19. Alok, if nothing else, gave us a body down low. JD is a warrior, but he's really getting exposed when he's left out there all game at either the 4 or 5.
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