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Different prediction on OU game. If no turnovers, what’s the score?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by VA Froggie, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Without question, 'turnovers' have been the primary causation for this team's underwhelming performance to date.

    However, it is also blatantly obvious that numerous deficiencies exist in both the offense and defense.
  2. Defense is just fine.

    It can't be perfect. With the points they have given up all year, all the games are winnable if our offense could just score.

    I actually don't mind turnovers if we are lighting up the scoreboard. It's a double whammy, we can't score and we turn it over.

    It's not like the air raid of leach where they would get intercepted but they also put up 40+ points.
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  3. All good answers........: ). Go Frogs, no turn overs.
  4. Just drops my prediction by a touchdown or 10 points less for OU, that’s about it. Currently, this offense couldn’t manage a first down out of a wet paper bag.
  5. The way things are going this year I consider a punt a "pretty good offensive series", so no, a punt is not considered a turnover.
  6. We've been getting plenty of first downs. We outgained Tech and had more first downs. It's reasonable to assume that we'd have more yards, first downs, and points with fewer turnovers.

    I do agree there are other issues with the offense but turnovers are definitely at the top of the list.
  7. Numerous deficiencies on defense? Can you imagine how much praise this defense would be getting from everyone if the offensive issues were ironed out?

    The only complaints I have about our defense is that they're not forcing many turnovers, they give up 2-3 big plays just about every game, and Ross Blacklock is injured.
  8. Not sure about Collins playing the entire game, but the score may be right. They will have had two weeks to prepare for us.
  9. turnovers have been a huge problem, but i really wish is was the only problem. in each of the 3 losses this offense had a chance to do something to really create some momentum only to let the chance pass.

    ohio state
    - frogs take points off the board with a penalty and miss a short field goal
    - lt is beaten, robinson fumbles and buckeyes score a td
    - frogs are up in the 3rd and robinson and turpin don't connect on the shallow cross when turpin has a step on the defender
    - the disasterous shovel pass call is only topped by the dropped punt by nunez and then the penalty on the kick return by reagor

    funny thing is with all that frogs are down by 5 at the end of the 3rd.

    - defense can't stop ohio state and frogs go down by 12
    -tcu drives to the ohio state 23 where a loss of 12 on a sack pushes the frogs out of field goal range. interesting is that on 4th and 23 at the ohio state 40 with just under 9 to go frogs punt
    - ohio state runs off almost 6 minutes and the field gets flipped
    - robinson throws his second interception with just over 2 minutes to go and the frogs down by 2 scores

    - tcu gets inside the texas 5 twice in the first quarter and end up with field goals
    -3rd quarter and frogs are driving and in position to go up 2 scores int on a terrible throw.
    - frogs hold on defense and are starting to move again when robinson fumbles
    - texas scores to go up and first play out robinson is picked again with a return inside tcu 5

    frogs enter the fourth down by one score

    -offense mounts their best drive of the second half 14 plays, 60 yards to inside texas 25 and the field go is missed.

    iowa state
    -frogs in position to take control of the game with their best drive of the night and then we get the fumble by lynn on a play that is just hard to understand
    -frogs driving in and face a 3rd and long go play action trying to sneak davis past the cyclone secondary and the ball is underthrown for the interception

    -frogs drive to the tech 8, robinson doesn't get the ball out in front enough of lynn, db out fights lynn and int in the end zone kills chances for points
    -frogs up in the second quarter driving with a chance to go up 2 scores and sewo fumbles after converting the 4th down try
    -frogs miss 47 yard field goal just before half
    -frogs can't move the ball much in the second half and keep losing field position battle, short punt sets up tech inside tcu 40 where they score on 1 play
    -4th and 1 pass is called, blocks are missed, robinson looks tentative to run, but tries to make a play and results in another turnover.

    i haven't even touched on the penalties, losses or bad play designs/calls. we have the shovel pass against ohio state, the 3rd down play against iowa state where davis was basically the lone receiver, and the short side option against tech that looked liked it had never been practiced by the frogs.

    said thing is this team moved the ball against ohio state and had chances to win at texas. they found a way to win a tough game against iowa state and then completely crapped on themselves against tech.

    not sure how you rebuild the confidence as those plays listed above are more than just shawn
  10. If I had spelled all the words correctly I wood have won the spelling bee too.
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  11. If Ifs and Buts were Candy and Nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas.
  12. That’s what happens when you are breaking in a QB. Other than the QB and O line, pretty much the same team.
    Should have said see last year sans an offense.
  13. Do you really think they are doing much to "prepare" for our O? I'm not even sure what a team might prepare for... When we go under center it's gonna be a trick play? Best guess is to the short side when ball is spotted on the hashmark? Running plays will generally go fastest to the boundary? Turpin can throw the ball but only forward? I'd say the best preparation is something like practicing this:




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