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Different prediction on OU game. If no turnovers, what’s the score?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by VA Froggie, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. We are not holding OU to 14.

    14 even at the half is being optimistic.

    They have Patterson's cryptonite, a very mobile QB, who so happens to have a really good arm as well.

    Our offense has to score close to 30 points to keep it close.
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  2. I personally wouldn't predict that we hold OU to 14 either but it's definitely not unfathomable IF we're using the premise of not turning the ball over and the offense having a decent game as far as ball control.

    Our defense only have up 26 to OSU and 17 to Tech so it's not totally unthinkable that they could come out and have a great showing against OU if they're not turning WRs totally free down the middle of the field once or twice during the game. I don't think it WILL happen but it COULD.
  3. See last year...
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  4. Different teams. See last years Texas game. That thing did a total 180 on us from then to now.

    Plus at some point OU will have an off game on offense. It's going to happen against someone. It's not inconceivable to think that it COULD happen in an 11 am road game against probably the best defense they'll see all year.
  5. See Army
  6. Can we have two more wishes?
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  7. Perhaps a bit of a down game but Army’s ability to control the clock (45:00 minute TOP) resulted in OU only getting 7 possessions in regulation. If you tell me our offense can do that then I’m all over a 3rd straight 17-14 type game.
  8. No turnovers means Collins plays the entire game. He throws 3 TDs but we still lose 49-21. OU is bigger and faster.
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  9. I would be pleasantly surprised if its a 17-14 type game, even if we lose. That means:
    1. We had prolonged offensive drives but could never score.
    2. Our defense is that good.
    3. We probably did not have as many turnovers.
  10. No TCU turnovers

    27-26 TCU

    With turnovers by TCU

    31-6 OU
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  11. Also relied on ball control.
  12. TCU's offense and ball control

  13. There is no chance we have zero turnovers. None.
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  14. Turnovers are very, very important. But not everything. Kansas leads the nation in turnover margin but is still 2-4. Our offense has to find its way in order to beat the vastly more talented teams like OU, Texas, tOSU. I am looking for signs that things are changing on offense. No turnovers, OU 27, TCU 17, unless the firing of Stoops has an immediate effect then 38-10 (more points for OU because our defense wears out late).
  15. Is a punt considered a turnover?
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  16. Maybe, if it is of the shank variety.
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  17. If turnover margins are even, OU -9.
  18. Let me predict the past first:

    No turnovers:

    OSU 24 - TCU 28
    UT 16 TCU 20
    TTech 17 TCU 23
    TCU is ranked # 3 (corrected from 8) in the major polls.

    Then again, if Hitler did not invade Russia before the winter... If a grandma had balls. If ...
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  19. If the above happened, we would be in the top 4.
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