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Dick Lowe has passed away....

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Nov 29, 2020.

  1. Tough few days for TCU.
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  2. Good Frog. Took the fall for many. Prayers.
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  3. Very decent and kind man. Rest In Peace.
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  4. Deep peace to all who love him.
  5. TCU has lost a truly loyal alumnus, patron and benefactor. RIP
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    Played golf with him at Shady once. Had some great stories to tell. TCU has lost a good one. RIP
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  7. Sad news indeed. Hate to lose a fellow Frog.
  8. RIP.
    Condolences to family.
  9. Unfortunate news. Mr. Lowe was always nice to me and full of smiles.
  10. Dick was a great guy and he had a quick, dry wit. I had the privilege of getting to know him over the last twelve years or so. I’m so glad he lived to see the Rose Bowl run and to see TCU in the Big XII. His generosity has a lot to do with the amenities we enjoy now at TCU sports venues.
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  11. Most alumni will never know just how much they should have personally thanked him for where TCU is today, in so many different ways. And not that it’s important, but I’m sure in his “final act” TCU will benefit greatly from his generosity one more time.
  12. He was truly one of the great stalwarts in the resurgence and restoration of TCU. Probably one of the fellows ol' Dan patterned Big Ed Bookman on for his books.
  13. Was a good buddy of my dad's at Shady Oaks...and was one of GP's best friends.

    We very well might be seeing some DL stickers on our helmets this week...and deservedly so in my opinion.
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  14. That or number 65. Something along these lines is in order
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  15. May the Frog be with you, Dick. Rest in peace.
  16. This has been a terrible week for the TCU community and especially hard on the older group of alumni that grew up with those we lost...

    Dick Lowe was just enough older than me that I called him Mr Lowe for decades even after he asked me to stop - he was the kind of man that always wanted to be called by his first name, but deserved to be called Mr Lowe.

    As has been said - so much of what we have at TCU was because of his leadership and generosity

    he will be missed in many ways and in every hallway on campus - Godspeed and Rest In Peace Mr Lowe.
  17. Glad he turned his legacy around at TCU, cause I remember back in the dark days he was no so well thought of at TCU. RIP
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  18. Someone had to take the fall. He had the balls to step up when others wouldn't.
  19. I came across this last night.

    Known as a direct, fearless and persistent negotiator, Lowe told Fort Worth Inc. in a 2016 interview he had a simple strategy for the times he went broke.

    “Quit drinking, quit eating bad food, exercise rigorously, walk every day, think about nothing but making money,” he told the magazine. “The only stress I had was I was broke. I didn’t have other forces working against me. “People who go broke and start feeling sorry for themselves are screwed.”

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