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Dear Jeremiah Donati:

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. Open up our baseball stadium. Let season ticket holders have their seats back. Make it happen.

    You are literally out of valid excuses.
  2. LSU already back to 50% for all sporting events
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  3. I imagine this will happen pretty quickly, if not immediately (next Wednesday).
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  4. Guaranteed he won’t make a move until UT or aTm change their policy.
  5. I would like to hope...

    However, I asked the ticket office if they would increase capacity mid season if restrictions were lifted.

    They said no.

    I guess if there's one thing TCU loves more than money, it's virtue signaling.
  6. I honestly don't know all the specifics as to what he has/hasn't allowed relative to what everyone else is doing, but I don't think he has had much choice up until now. If after next Wednesday things don't change drastically, people have every right to [ hundin] IMO.
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  7. Fan the flames:

    TCU is a private organization and has the right to operate as they see fit for the safety of their employees and students. Everyone else is just throwing a temper tantrum because you can't have it your way. Sounds like a child at a grocery store that didn't get a chocolate bar. Whether you agree or not, unless you are going to step up and take personal responsibility for all financial liability that may possibly come about, then grow up. Everyone is more than welcome to withhold their donations or stop coming to the games because they don't get their way, but I would bet money that most that complain would come back within a year or three after they got their "I warned you moment".

    If TCU wants to open up (or any other company for that matter), that is their choice to deal with the liability, and efforts for readjustments to seating and billing to get payment for those re-added into the stadium. Plus deal with how to re-add the seats, whether shift back to original, reassign the new seats, or open to general sales - all choices will get a bad review on here.
  8. UT and A&M have liability limits of $500,000. We do not. That is something that must be considered.
  9. Actually opening up to 100% would the the easiest thing in the world

    everyone goes back to their original seats
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  10. What liability? Shoot me some links of places that have gotten sued because someone contracted COVID. Everyone knows about it, everyone knows the risks. If you don’t like the risks, don’t show up. At this point, for TCU, you have way more demand of people willing to accept the risks as compared to availability

    Your last point is correct. People will whine no matter how the re-allocation is done, and it’s embarrassing
  11. That's why the school gets sued for people who get sick after every basketball game every year...or not.
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  12. Our company got all our tickets 8 total and was told the stadium would be at 50%
  13. Yes, please, Donati. So @tcumaniac will stop creating a new thread every 5 seconds.
  14. This sounds like a fair compromise.
  15. I think Maniac has to agree to not complain about the process for re-opening up also.
  16. Frankly the only fair way to do it is to re-seat everyone by priority points. I'd like to go from no seats to good seats.
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  17. Deal.
  18. While we're at it, let's reopen Schollmaier for our season finale against the Longhorns on Sunday.
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