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David Bowie Dead at age 69

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LisaLT, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. A truly revolutionary artist. What a great career he had. One of my all time favorites.
  2. Just like the Startlegram, the Austin American-Statesman, and just about every other newspaper.

    I hope at least a few decent newspapers outlive me.

    My apologies for the thread derail.

    Depressing that Bowie is gone. I hope his last time on Earth was comfortable; that doesn't always happen with cancer sufferers.

    Happy that he completed a last album, though. I will likely buy it (I still buy CDs), and might not have otherwise.
  3. Walk on the Wild Side was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.
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  4. RIP Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and the Thin White Duke. The amazing thing is that he created and re-invented a unique style and character of music for each of these iconic personas. Something to keep in mind as those musicians with much less talent begin feeling stale or aged and counter with a new meat suit or banana costume. A real musical genius and someone I have listened to for 45 years.
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  5. Aren't they all.

    Everyone knows the "real" news is gleaned from social media...
  6. As has been stated ,surprising since he just released a new album. I wore the grooves off of the Diamond Dogs album when living in a dorm at TCU. A true music legend.
  7. It was Lou's song, Bowie played the saxaphone part on it. Most iconic pop sax riff ever, by someone other than Stan Getz.
  8. RIP
    I recall his 80's venture when he joined a band.  They called themselves Tin Machine.  They had a minor hit with Under the God.  I enjoyed that song a lot.  If you have never heard it, give it a try.
    On the radio this morning, they were saying that he invited SRV to tour with him as a musician, but would only pay him scale.  I think it was right before SRV broke out as a big star.
    I also recall the song Fame being an iconic song in my elementary school world.  It was so different than anything else I had heard in my brief 10 years on the planet.
    Loss of a legend for sure.
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  9. Speaking of the Swimmer Babe, it's baseball time.  +++
  10. More of a hard rock guy myself but appreciated the talent that was David Bowie. Indeed, a strange dude.

    I thought it was cool when Bowie took a young Stevie Ray Vaughn out tour with him in his band back in the early 80's.
  11. Yes indeed, someone send her a PM & ask her to rejoin this mostly Manly Men collective. We need some of her observations.
  12. Played guitar, the great Ronnie Ross played sax. Bowie and Ronson produced but an odd pick for his best work considering he has such a tremendous catalog of his own.
  13. So very sad. I just picked my wife up from the airport last night. She had flown to NYC just to see Lazarus, a play co-written by David Bowie. She is a huge fan and is going to be devastated.
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  14. Too bad you don't hear David Bowie on campus anymore.  Yet, occasionally I hear Christopher Cross coming from some of the fraternity tailgates.  Haven't quite figured that out...
  15. Why in the hell would Christopher Cross be played at a frat tailgate?
  16. Gordo just played Bowie and Freddie Mercury doing "Under Pressure" in a capella. Awesome. Didn't realize they collaborated.
  17. Was listening to The Ticket this am doing a segment on this. Crazy sounding to hear the vocals with the music stripped away.

    Bowie's time early on was before music came to pass for me and was never really in my wheelhouse, but listening to those vocal clips this am made me realize how great some of those songs really were. RIP Bowie
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  18. Likely the Fiji's.
  19. Bowie was taken down to Austin to hear SRV. Immediately upon hearing the raw power that SRV played with, he signed him up to record an album. It was, of course, a monster hit. Sadly, when they set out to tour, SRV wanted top billing on the shows, such as "David Bowie and SRV". which Bowie and his people rejected. As it turned out, SRV was already on a fast trajectory to the top, and Bowie's tour turned out just fine with Earl Slick playing SRV's riffs.
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