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David Bowie Dead at age 69

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LisaLT, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. One of the best.  There will never be another Bowie.
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  2. This seems like a good thread to mention that the girl I spoke to on the phone at our hotel for the Alamo Bowl told me that the hotel was on "BOH-wee" street (as opposed to BOO-wee). I asked her if the street was named after the singer, but I don't think she had a clue who I was talking about.
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  3. The word now is Bowie was battling cancer for 18 months but very few people knew it. He wanted to drop an album as a parting gift to the world.
    Here are some lyrics from the song Lazarus off of his last album Blackstar:
    "Look up here,
    I'm in heaven,
    I've got scars that can't be seen,
    I've got drama,
    can't be stolen,
    everybody knows me now.
    Just like that bluebird,
    Oh, I'll be free.
    Ain't that just like me?"
    RIP Bowie. 
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  4. Got me.  Having seen Bowie play sax, and hearing Lou Reed say DB was "responsible for" the track n that song (by virtue of arranging for his sax teacher, as it turns out, to play the piece), I conflated the two.  
    As for picking it for (what I thought) was his best, well, that song was/is transcendent, both musically and socially, more so than anything Bowie ever wrote, imho.
  5. What a legend. How does someone go from Ziggy, China Girl and Modern Love to perhaps the best version of Little Drummer Boy ever recorded? Only possible if you're perhaps one of the most talented musicians to ever live. He will be missed...
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  6. I'd love to know what your wife thought about the new play. I may be in NYC soon and would be interested in seeing this play. I bet it's going to be a hard ticket to get now.
  7. This has caused me to go back and recall seeing him with my TCU roomie in 87 in Dallas.  The "Glass Spider" tour. Was a little bit disappointing, as he had intentionally deleted many of his older, bigger hits from the set list, because he felt like doing those was "to easy."  Still a great show, lots of wild props which were fun if you were doing some drugs(I heard this), and Peter Frampton playing guitar for Bowie, as well as doing a few of his own songs.
    Edit: That was also the night that a woman accused him of raping her in his hotel room after she turned up with bite marks on her back the next day.  Seems she was under the impression she was going to the rock star's hotel room for bible study.
  8. Earl Slick is no slouch either.
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  9. Young Americans. My morning music for today….
    She said it was amazing, weird and wonderful. 
    She also said Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter) was fantastic, as was the entire cast.
  11. This is worth watching. Michael C. Hall (aka Dexter) and the cast of Lazarus singing Bowie's song Lazarus:
    Hope the link works. If not Google it.
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  12. LOVE Michael C. Hall. Miss Dexter - great show. Thanks for the link!
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  13. Really?
  14. Only one of the greatest songs of all time, IMO.
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  15. I agree. That's why I was surprised at the novelty.

    My kids still can't get over Bowie's prominent junk in Labyrinth.
  16. junk or not
    I couldn't get over Jennifer Connelly NOT AGING for the past 30 years from watching Labyrinth.
  17. Saw Man Who Fell to Earth with my High School Girlfriend at the Bruton Road Drive In - Mesquite, Texas.
    I miss her and my old Ford Fairlane with the bench seats and the Kraco 8-track stereo.
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