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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FROGDADDY, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Just something to think about, Boise State beat the ACC champion and there reward is to play Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl. They finished 11-1 this year. UCONN played by the rules and earned the right under the current rules, but that just highlights the problem with the rules as they exist. It is also the reason TCU is joining the Big East, becuase of the existing rules. I really want a playoff.
  2. Me too. I will be pulling for our new future conference mates.
    Pretty sure their fans are as excited as our fans for the opportunity to go to a BCS game in ths jacked up system.
    Huskies need to hope the curse of Little Game Bob shows up for the OU/UConn match-up.
  3. Hope UConn does not embarass the conference with their fan turnout at the Fiesta (assuming that's where they go).

    UConn fans - how many do you expect UConn to take to a BCS game?

  4. It's not venom, it's just my observation. Look, UConn is doing something that only NINE other teams are doing this year and that alone sets them apart, but the fact remains that outside of UConn fans the rest of the country sees a team that isn't that great. FWIW, there have been previous versions of our TCU football team that won a bunch of games and weren't that great either.

  5. if your non-aq 8-4 gets you and invite to poulan weed eater bowl ...just off 1-20 next to the howard johnsons
  6. Oh, we'll be rooting for you too, especially if you play Oklahoma. Just remember, we've been on the outside looking in for so long that at this point we're kind of programmed to see injustice. I understand the logic behind automatic qualifiers, but at the end of the day in the BCS you can only give by taking from someone else. And quite honestly, UConn isn't even ranked. There are more deserving teams out there.

    I would like to see Nevada in the BCS this year. That is a team that deserves it.
  7. Tough to tell. I think we'd sell out our allotment to the Orange easy, but Fiesta will be tough. We normally travel with a large contingent for BBall games whenever we have to go to Zona for the NCAA tourney, but I'm unsure that would be the case come holiday time for football. Plane tickets I've seen are above $700 already and I'm sure will be even higher once the bowl games are announced tonight.
  8. Remember, OU lost to Aggies. So,it "ain't" TCU or Auburn they are playing.
  9. Isn't the main reason we are going to the BE is so that we would still be able to go to a BCS bowl in less than perfect years like UCONN is having?

    Boise State would trade places with UCONN in a heartbeat.
  10. Boise would beat OU, again.
  11. [​IMG] How did this turn into an OU bashing thread?

  12. I think OU will beat UConn by 35 if that helps.
  13. I'll be rooting for UConn to win their bowl game. As fans who have seen injustice done to our team we see the way the BCS works. Boise, Nevada and Mich. St. are more deserving of a BCS bid than the Huskies. I know your coaches will have your team prepared, and hopefully, you will bring home a victory.
  14. Big 12 and ACC have also had 4 loss teams attend BCS bowls.
  15. Hopefully the bowls have some kind of brain and put Stanford against OU and UConn against VaTech......
    but then again that is probably a big wish. The geography of those matchups will be way better for the bowls involved.

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