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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FROGDADDY, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. ........at least that's what the entire Big East has to be thinking. That conference would have been much better off with WVa in a BCS bowl. The UConn team that played tonight at USF will lose by 30+ to either Neb or OU in the Fiesta and may not score a point in the process.
  2. lol... the big least.

    that's where we're heading. [​IMG]
  3. Good for UConn. Show the flaws of the BCS and let thm justify UConn getting twice the payout of TCU/MWC. Not to mention good teams getting left out - Boise or Nevada are more deserving of that spot.
  4. tomorrow the NE media will have turn this into the 'feel-good' cinderella
    story that it is. (for the time being)
  5. According to Musburger, congrats to UConn for getting to a BCS bowl because @ 8-4 they earned it. If we were 8-4 we would have earned a berth in the Roto-Rooter bowl.

  6. And A&M, and Mizzou, and Ok St, and Florida St, and Mich St, and South Carolina, and Utah, and UCF, and......................
  7. True. I was just limiting my list to other conference champions.
  8. One would think TCU. Who many of bigger BCS teams snub their noses at, mock their competition, and root against on a regular basis. Would have, I dunno...a little less venom for Connecticut than others.

    A team that has been playing Division 1 since 2000, a senior class who had to deal with a tragic in-season murder of one of their teammates last year and who had pretty much everyone rooting against them tonight.

    I understand why people don't think we deserve anything, but we played by the rules and won the games we needed to win in a down year for the conference.

    Good luck in the Rose Bowl. I'll be rooting for TCU, just like I'll be rooting for West Virginia, Syracuse, Pitt and South Florida.
  9. I'm 100% rooting for UConn especially if y'all play Oklahoma.

    I just find it odd that UConn is the Big East Champion when WVU and UConn have even conference records but WVU is ranked and is 9-3 instead of 8-4. I guess UConn gets it because the tiebreaker looks at head-to-head results and UConn beat WVU. I just find it strange.

    Either way, I like UConn better than those hillbilly couchburners in Morgantown. GO HUSKIES!!
  10. Except for the championship game, all bowls are glorified exhibitions. I will root for TCU in its bowl game because you are joining our conference. And will promptly start getting challenged every week, unlike that weak sauce crap you play in now.
  11. I haven't looked in this specifically, but I can tell you its most likely because WVU did better in non-conference and that has nothing to do with who wins the conference. UConn must hold the tiebreaker as far as head-to-heads are concerned.

    UConn fan, can you confirm?
  12. UConn gets the bid because although it finished tied with Pitt and WVU at 5-2, it beat both. Head-to-head is the first tiebreaker.
  13. Okay, that makes sense. I just wasn't sure because the Big 12 (hissssss) tiebreaker looks at BCS standings, which would have given WVU the nod over UConn, and I wasn't sure what BE procedure was for ties.
  14. The Big10 mess this year was also settled by the BCS standings. Michigan State got screwed... 11-1 in the Big10 and the go to they Capital One Bowl.
  15. I hate this media...they zing TCU every chance they get always stating undefeated TCU is only in because of a rule, but a 2 loss OU team and a 4 loss UConn team get in because they earned it. I'm rooting for UConn to win the BCS game and win big but I would like to start hearing some of this media start giving the respect TCU deserves and talk well about TCU vs. Wisconsin. I know that won't happen cause they wish the worst for us but I believe they will have to as the game comes closer and Big 10 fans start worrying what they will see come New Year with TCU.Hope they don't screw us like they did last year with bowl selection too.
  16. We beat Pitt & WVU so we win the tiebreaker.

    We have a problem at QB (which I imagine you could quickly figure out if you saw tonight's game) but we are pretty strong (and young) everywhere else. What killed the first half of the season was that our best QB smoked himself into two suspensions and a dismissal. It didn't help that we had to play a freshman (with a deer in the headlights reaction) against Louisville (our last loss).

    I want Okie in Arizona. We heard for a month last year how we couldn't hang with a big bad SEC team and proceeded to kick South Carolina's backside all over the field in Birnimgham. The Sooners barely beat Cincinnati. I don't see any reason why we can't hang with them.
  17. did you guys seriously lose to temple?
  19. Not true. In both big 10 and big 12-2. Had any of those teams beat Both of their competition it would not have went to BCS as tie breaker. In those confrences each team "tied" had beat one or the other never BOTH of their competition. Ucon did. Hats off to them. We may be there someday.

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