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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FROGDADDY, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Yeah we did. We went through a lot of crap starting the season. We were one of the favorites to win the BE this year and had a horrible start. After 2 starters got kicked off the team (including our starting QB), we tanked at UL. After that game, the boys turned it around and went on a 5 game winning streak. The team is peaking just like last season.

    BCS bowl should be a good one. I want the Sooners the B12 champ.
  2. LOL. You and your 30+ points blow out predictions. Yeah I guess you never seen UCONN play. We will see though. We will see if we lose by 30+ as you said.
  3. nothing personal, but it is the system. Teams like UConn and USF can get to a BCS bowl whether they are top 10 material or not, just by winning the conference in a down year. They are considered worthy even though they and most AQ schools have done nothing to earn that status.

    TCU and Boise have done more with less lately. TCU has had to "earn" their way into a BCS conference or their invite this year when they have more football tradition than UConn and USF combined.

    The system is discriminatory and needs to be fixed for all FBS schools to earn their way on equal standings.
  4. It will never happen because BCS is about money. Many non-aq schools just don't bring the TV dollars to the table. I would like to see a playoff but it will never happen as long as the BCS is around.

    Yes TCU and Boise both have nice records, but I doubt your record will look as pretty if you both played in a BCS conference. This year you guys might go undefeated but don't assume every year you gonna have cakewalks like you did in the MWC. Boise won't have that record they got either if they dont play those horrible WAC teams.

    In BCS conferences, you will your conference and you go to a BCS bowl. ACC has sent 3 teams with 3+ losses to the BCS so why can't UCONN go?
  5. Congrats to UCONN. You won the games you needed to make the BCS. that could be us someday.
  6. i watched the ou and uconn games tonight, did uconn have to play 1 team in the top 25 this year, last time i looked ou's sos was in top 10, its a good thing for uconn that ou usually plays down to their competition in bowl games because based on talent alone a 30 point win is a pretty modest estimation
  7. Yes it is about money. I'm an idealist and believe it should be about fair competition. Unfortunately that is a concept lost on most people today. Most fans of schools like UT, Ohio St and Bama believe they have bigger fan bases so what happens on the field is not as important.

    Goody, more AQ elitist comments. I agree not everyone has the same challenge in their schedules, but assuming TCU/Boise would be the same in an AQ conference is also wrong. Right now they have to compete for recruits without and AQ tag which is a big hinderance. Not to mention the TV comments degrading them every week solely based on conference affiliation.

    I don't believe any conference should be able to send a team with 3 losses or more. If AQ conferences are so good, why do they need a free pass? If UConn is so good compared to TCU and Boise, the voters are allowed to vote them higher. There is no rule that says undefeated TCU needs to be ranked higher.

    This applies to all conferences. Do away with AQ bids and simply say that any conference champion in the top 12 gets in regardless of conference (up to 10). If the team is not worthy then don't vote them that high.

    If TCU wins the BE with an 8-4 record, I would not want them in a BCS bowl either.
  8. Hah, I'd love to see anyone refuse. :blink:
  9. Everybody tell us the same thing before they play us. We play ugly. South Carolina told us last year too before our bowl game. We rolled their butt up and down the field with their SEC talent. They almost won the SEC this year with almost the same roster.

    OU and UCONN have one common opponent. We both played Cincy. OU won by 2 points barely against Cincy. UCONN blew out Cincy. Although this might mean nothing, but saying UCONN gonna get blow out 30 points just make you sound like the same traditional program elitists you guys hate so much. We just have to see.
  10. Some teams peak early. Some teams peak late. We are just playing under the same rules given to us. Until the rules change, we will not apologize for our BCS bid. In fact, we are really excited about our first BCS bid.
  11. how bout that Kemba Walker? eh?? eh???
  12. How about Maya Moore eh?

    Top 10 both men and women basketball team. Women's team on a 85 game winning streak. UCONN football going to a BCS bowl just 7 years in D1A.

    Great time to be a Husky!

    Looking forward to Frogs visiting CT in the near future.
  13. The system as just about everyone knows sucks, but about all anyone can do while it stands is just that.
    Right back at you. 2012 is waayyy too far away.
  14. One headline I saw this morning was "UConn kicks pie in face of BCS"

  15. Not venom, but 8-4 is 8-4. I believe you would have a harder time explaining "why it should be" to many other teams that obviously are significantly better this year. How many losses can there be before it is too many? I can guarantee that NOT ONE, potential BCS opponent wants to play UCONN and its not because they are scared of getting beat. Good lcuk.
  16. Did you play against Marcus Lattimore??? Kind of like other SEC teams asking if they played against Cam Newton last year...........
  17. So are you saying that this year UCONN would have rolled UTAH, SDSU, BYU, Baylor, SMU, USAFA, and even Oregon State??? Based on what??? Challenged EVERY week.............by who??? BTW, it was not that long ago when we did get "challenged" every week by Lousiville, Cincy, USF...........we won some and so did they, but I think the pool of potential football players we will now pick from vs UCONN just grew substantially.
  18. I will be rooting for UCONN but I don't think they stand a chance against OU. I have news for you this year, TCU, Boise, Utah, and Nevada would have won the Big East. Not slamming the Big East, just stating my opinion. The reality is BcS teams do not run any gauntlet their conference.
  19. Even some husky fans have to admit there is definitely something wrong with a team losing 4 games (none to ranked teams) and still go to a BCS bowl when there are teams that lost one game to very good ranked opponents. No matter when a team is peaking or whatever. Im glad this isnt us.

  20. by 'almost' winning the SEC, are you referencing that 40 point beatdown auburn just put on them? if so, then, yes, i think uconn will 'almost' win their bcs game ...

    and that's not traditional program elitism (although we do have some of that), it is your-team-is-not-very-good-this-year elitism

    can't wait to crush you in football ... and for you to return the favor in basketball

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