Check this out! Great find!

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  1. That roster. Only two players from out of state.

    No proof but I bet other southwest conference rosters were similar. Different times...
  2. Davey was not only a tough little guy, he was also a very smart orphan boy-- a coach on the field.

    Dutch at halftime in hard fought game: " Davey, got any ideas?

    Davey:" Coach, I think old 99 will work great".

    Coach Meyer:" Listen up men, I've decided to run old 99 on the first play in second half ".
  3. Is it this one?

    I got one off of ebay a few years back for about $30. They frequently go for over $100
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  4. No it's the actual school yearbook, you know, like the ones people would get their friends to sign. Unfortunately, mine does not appear to be signed by anybody of note.
  5. Here's Davey O'Brien's senior picture:
  6. 6,1

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