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  1. College football has progressed in athletic ability more than any sport. While regressing in toughness IMO. These were children of the depression who went on to win the Great War. My apologies for waxing nostalgic.
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  2. It's an advertisement for Gulf.
  3. They won World War I?
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  4. Davey O'Brien himself was a little wisp of a guy. Just 5'7" and, at his peak weight, 151 lb -- though in the earliest years of his TCU career he weighed closer to 135-140 lb.

    You can't see it from those old B&W photographs, but the game uni's for that 1938 team were purple jerseys with white collar trim and numbers, tan canvas "togs" (pants), and black leather helmets. Cue all the old traditionalists: "Our colors of purple and white, dammit!"

  5. :rolleyes:

    Dogfrog, PB87 is right. The "Great War" is the common moniker for WWI, not WWII, because it was the largest war in world history up to that time. It wasn't dubbed WWI until after WWII broke out, which was obviously much larger and more devastating in scope. Amazing to think such a large-scale war like that could erupt only 20 years after WWI was concluded.

    Still, ever since the publication of Tom Brokaw's 2001 book, the WWII generation is dubbed "the greatest generation" because they weathered both the Great Depression and WWII. People of both sexes and practically all nationalities were a lot tougher back then.
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  6. Carl Anderson ended up being a TCU trustee for many years. Died just a few years ago. Good Wichita Falls oil man.
  7. You and PB87 are absolutely right of course, but forgive me for feeling personal about WWII? My dad was 11th Airborne and Signal Company in New Guinea and Phillipines. Lost 1/3 of his skull over there, and after field surgery and a two month coma was assigned to drive a troop truck and man a machine gun in Phillipines til war's end. Went from 70% disabled to 100% 30 years ago when his seizures and rapid memory loss started. My mom nursed him all that time but I just put him in long term care last week. Again I was wrong and you are factually correct.
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  8. Whether WW I or WW II or Great War or War to end all Wars or whatever, you Dad was/is a hero, and all of us owe so much to men like him. Thank him for us.
  9. I'd be the heaviest guy on the team. #shortformyweight
  10. I'm curious as to why he has a condom hanging off the back of his pants?
  11. You know it! One was married to Aunt Esther.
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  12. That's probably why he is jumping like that...
  13. #6 Logan Ware was the Registrar at TCU for a number of years.
  14. Always thought Registrar was a weird word/name.
  15. I'll try to when I get back in town.
  16. Probably high motor guys
  17. My dad was a mule veterinarian in Burma. He could fix your ass. Honest.
  18. I picked this up off eBay a few years back. New York Times from December 7, 1938:
  19. Maybe we should have a thread dedicated to sharing interesting TCU memorabilia. I have tons of stuff. One of my favorites is the 1939 Yearbook featuring the 1938 NC football team. Snagged that for like $10 at Half-Price Books.
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