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  1. A good friend of mine in San Antonio was cleaning out his garage and found a program from the 1939 Sugar Bowl that TCU won for their 2nd National Championship. It's not in mint condition (or anything close to it), but still pretty cool nonetheless. I'm including some scans from the program for your viewing pleasure.

  2. That is really awesome!!! Love the helmets!
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  3. Team is undersized and the QB is way to small. He'll never amount to anything.
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  4. Bobby Sherrod was my high school counselor....
  5. Kline Forrest was a freaking giant at 232 in those says playing both ways.

    Speaking of both ways any wonder what the G stands for on the cheerleader sweater..

    My brother took my dad's helmet from back then, painted it silver and put a star on it. I'm still surprised he lived to become a doctor after that...
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  6. That team, "couldn't compete day-in, day-out" in the Big 12 .... :p
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  7. Gulf
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  8. WhattheFrog thanks for posting! Very cool.
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  9. Wow..the heaviest guy on the roster was 237 pounds
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  10. Love this type of stuff! I'm in possession of a program from the 1952 TCU/Whorns game. A friend of mine gave it to me a couple of years ago. It was in his Dad's attic. When he found it he gave it to me because he knew I'm such a big Frogs fan.
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  11. Not to mention they're all athletes :cool:
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  12. I think the biggest guy we had in the early 70s was 260. John Ruthstrom never hit 240, I don't think.
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  13. ...and that was none other than I.B. Hale, a TCU football legend drafted by the Redskins (who already had Sammy Baugh), but he never played pro ball.
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  14. Best names are Spud Taylor and Woodrow Duckworth
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  15. Anybody with the name Woodrow has got to be a tough SOB!
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  16. Honorable mention for Durwood Horner
  17. BTW, in order, those are front cover, back cover, TCU roster, and one of several TCU player pages included in the program (the most famous players from that team). Carnegie Tech was apparently a pretty badarse team back in the day. I can scan more pages if anyone has a specific request.

    The ads back in the 30's are of particular interest to me. So different from those of today. "Yea Team!"

    The entire program is 64 pages total.
  18. Anyone with "Wood" and "Horn" in their name is much more than an honorable mention. Bonus points for being from Fort Worth. :D
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  19. Crazy to see that my current height and weight would've made me a FB or OL
    You should scan it. It would be cool to see.
  20. I've got a bunch of old pictures from newspapers that my dad has given me the past few Christmases of 1930s players. Really cool collector items.

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