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    June 18, 2021
    CONTACT: Brett Daniels, 469-262-5200
    Process Continues and Discussion to be Broadened
    CHICAGO – In advance of next week’s meeting of the university presidents and chancellors who oversee the College Football Playoff (CFP), the CFP management committee today reviewed a working group’s proposed 12-team playoff, with committee members stating they look forward to discussing the proposal with key constituent groups.
    “The management committee praised the working group for its proposal,” said CFP executive director Bill Hancock, who added that this was the first in-person meeting of the committee since January 2020. “The process will move forward, and the proposal will be discussed next week by the board of managers.”
    At next week’s board of managers meeting, the management committee will ask the board to authorize the solicitation of feedback over the next few weeks and months with groups that are expected to include student-athletes, university presidents and chancellors, athletics directors and coaches to inform them about the details of the 12-team proposal, and also to begin feasibility assessments of any new format.
    “Vetting with everyone on campus will be an important element,” Hancock said.
    “The working group’s proposal was the first step in a long process. It’s important to reach out and listen to a wide variety of people involved in college football.
    “This is a very exciting time for college football,” Hancock added. “The working group’s proposal includes many details that must be carefully reviewed and discussed. We look forward to that review.”
    The proposal calls for the bracket each year to include the six highest-ranked conference champions, plus the six highest-ranked other teams as determined by the College Football Playoff selection committee. No conference would qualify automatically and there would be no limit on the number of participants from a conference.

    Under the proposal, the four highest-ranked conference champions would be seeded one through four and each would receive a first-round bye, while teams seeded five through 12 would play each other in the first round on the home field of the higher-ranked team. (The team ranked #5 would host #12; team #6 would meet team #11; team #7 would play team #10; and team #8 would meet #9.) The quarterfinals, Playoff Semifinals and national championship game would be played at neutral sites.
    The CFP board of managers meeting will take place in Dallas on June 22.
    The CFP management committee members are Mike Aresco, commissioner, American Athletic Conference; Bob Bowlsby, commissioner, Big 12 Conference; Keith Gill, commissioner, Sun Belt Conference; Judy MacLeod, commissioner, Conference USA; Jim Phillips, commissioner, Atlantic Coast Conference; Greg Sankey, commissioner, Southeastern Conference; Larry Scott, commissioner, Pacific-12 Conference; Jon Steinbrecher, commissioner, Mid-American Conference; Jack Swarbrick, athletics director, Notre Dame; Craig Thompson, commissioner, Mountain West Conference and Kevin Warren, commissioner, Big Ten Conference.
    Members of the CFP board of managers include Eric Barron – Big Ten Conference (President, Penn State); Rodney Bennett – Conference USA (President, Southern Mississippi); Jim Clements – Atlantic Coast Conference (President, Clemson); Gordon Gee – Big 12 Conference (President, West Virginia); Jack Hawkins – Sun Belt Conference (President, Troy); Rev. John Jenkins – President, Notre Dame (Independent); Mark Keenum (chair) – Southeastern Conference (President, Mississippi State); Kirk Schulz – Pacific-12 Conference (President, Washington State); Satish Tripathi – Mid-American Conference (President, Buffalo); Gerald Turner – American Athletic Conference (President, SMU); Keith Whitfield – Mountain West Conference (President, UNLV).
    About the College Football Playoff
    The College Football Playoff matches the No. 1 ranked team vs. No. 4, and No. 2 vs. No. 3 in semifinal games that rotate annually among six bowl games – the Goodyear Cotton Bowl, PlayStation Fiesta Bowl, Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Capital One Orange Bowl, Allstate Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl Game. This season’s Playoff Semifinals will take place Friday, December 31, 2021, at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl and the Capital One Orange Bowl. The College Football Playoff National Championship will be Monday, January 10, 2022,
    at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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  2. Ooh, January in Indy? Hoosierfrog invitational sledding drunkathon is the same weekend at Fort Harrison sledding hill!
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  3. Cliff notes
  4. SEC rep is the chairman of the President's/Chancellor's committee. Only thing that surprises me about that is that it's not Noater Dayme's president.
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  5. I'm actually surprised they got Notre Dame to agree to this. Or maybe they didn't but since everyone else agreed then ND had to eat it. They're guaranteed to never be higher than the 5 seed in this plan.
  6. Actually, the Notre Dame AD was part of the four-man task force that met secretly for over a year before coming up with the 12-team scheme. The other members of the task force were the SEC commissioner, the Big 12 commissioner, and the MWC commissioner. So, Notre Dame must’ve known what they were doing.

    Sure, they’ll never get a bye under the proposed system but if they have a 12-0 or 11-1 team in a given year, they’ll get a #5 seed and face the #12 seed in the 1st round, which is as good as it gets if you’re not going to get a bye.

    Also, under the proposed system, the Irish will be playoff locks in years that they finish 9-3 or better. Like every other school in the country, they just want to get a seat at the table as often as they can.

    Finally, Notre Dame could simply decide to join the ACC in football as they have in all the other sports and then they’d be eligible for a bye. That doesn’t seem likely now but it will remain an option.

    Anyway, kudos to the ND AD for helping to spearhead the drive for an expanded playoff system. I can’t wait for this system to be put in place!
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  7. all good points, the only thing i want to make sure is somehow byu gets scheissed over in whatever system is put into place going forward
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  8. I'd be willing to make a sizable wager that the first time Notre Dame goes 9-3 under this proposed system, they aren't a playoff team. Not saying it would never happen because in some odd years it might, but it'll be rare. Just for reference, in 2019 they went 10-2 and were ranked #15 in the final CFP poll (before the bowls/playoffs).
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  9. Good! They want the same benefits of teams in conferences? Then join a scheissing conference.

    But no, they think they're above everyone else. Screw em.
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  10. Showtime Joe 2.0 said:
    Also, under the proposed system, the Irish will be playoff locks in years that they finish 9-3 or better.

    Just curious. Any other team in the USA who will be playoff locks if they finish 9-3? Doubt it.
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  11. That's just it. They don't want the same benefits at all. They want BETTER benefits so that's why they'll never join a conference.

    That hubris is exactly why I'm surprised they'd ever agree to this but as I said maybe they didn't and were dragged along.
  12. Well, I may have overstated my case somewhat since ND also finished the regular season 9-3 in 2017 and was ranked #14 that year. However, once the new playoff system is in place, I think the CFP Committee will have a tendency to "over-rank" ND when they're on the #12 seed bubble because, love 'em or hate 'em, the Irish always bring in the TV ratings.

    In any event, we will have three-loss teams making the playoffs in the new system virtually every season. Had the 12-team format been in place in 2018, for example, no less than four three-loss teams would've made it that year.
  13. Right, and in most cases those teams are those that just lost their CCGs after previously being 10-2. Which begs the question, what is the need for a 12-team playoff again? And if people don't think the inclusion of 3-loss teams is going to water down the regular season, I strongly disagree.

    It's strictly a money grab. Has nothing to do with "fairness" or anything else.
  14. Of course, it's a money grab. But then so too is the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And many people argue that the Tournament waters down the regular season in basketball as well. But what would college basketball be without the drama of the Big Dance? Would you prefer to have a committee of "experts" hand-pick the Final Four every year at the end of the regular season instead and leave the other 60 or so teams out of the running?

    I think it's great that some three-loss football teams will make the playoffs under the new system. I would be ecstatic if a 10-3 TCU team did so in a given year. Wouldn't you be?

    The expansion of the playoffs is going to add immense drama and interest to my favorite sport of college football. While I would prefer a more even-handed 16-team format, the 12-team system with the four byes actually ensures that the regular system is not "watered down" as much as you fear it will be by expansion.

    You should rejoice, Wex, along with every other college football fan! Once the new system is in place, perhaps as soon as the 2023 season, the fan bases of eight more schools every year will have the thrill of seeing their team compete for a national championship on the field! And I like the Horned Frogs' chances of making it into a 12-team tournament much more than I do the odds of them ever being selected in the current four-team playoff.
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  15. About the 1:35 mark, Bowlsby starts talking about Swarbrick. It sounds a little like he was drug along, but it seems being independent far outweighed anything else ND wanted. Sounds like they are just going to try it out and if losing that bye is too big of a disadvantage, they know they can easily join a conference.

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  16. TV seems to think that ND is a ratings juggernaut. They'll be included in every "discussion" going forward if this 12-team thing does indeed come to pass...
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  17. The NCAA basketball tournament no doubt waters down their regular season. It took some time, but more and more people are realizing games between top teams between Nov-Feb don't really matter. To have teams that finished 6th or 7th in their 12 team league making the tournament is just dumb.

    That's what is cool about college football. It's almost the only team sport left where it's literally a season-long championship. If a team wants to win it all, every single game in the season is critical. Everyone is so conditioned to "playoffs" in sports, but there is nothing wrong with letting the season decide a champion. I get that in college football with there being so many teams not playing each other throughout the season you need to have some kind of limited playoff to make it fair, but for god sakes you don't need 12 teams.
  18. If you look at the proposal every bit of this is controlled by the committee. What a load of [ #2020 ].
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  19. This is a ruse. It would be easy and make sense to do an 8 team playoff and take the top 8 and roll with it.
    But they know if they throw out a 12 team playoff, it won't get through all the decision makers. In part, because many know that the system will just be gamed to pick their select club for the top 4 as usual, protecting them from an extra game, and keeping others out. Also, in part, because this is a ruse and the power brokers just want to keep 4 teams. A system that the money guys can control.

    Government, football, music, education, medicine/pharm, etc., it is the same power punks as usual.

    And we gladly hand over that 5 bucks to see the same chicken dancing on a electric stage.

    Now, somebody go put gas in the tractor so we can afford to see football this season.
  20. Independence and the money it brings will always far outweigh the chance at getting a bye in the CFP every now and then. No way will ND ever join a conference.

    What they will do is whine incessantly about how unfair the system is to them any and every time that they have an 11 or 12 win season.

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