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CBS Sports: Chad Morris resigns after one season back in Texas high school football coaching ranks, eyes college return


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I just can't see that name without thinking of this:

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Real Chocolate Flavor. WTH?


Real Chocolate Flavor. WTH?
Bosco chocolate has been around since the 1920s as a syrup you could add to milk. When I was a kid in California, it was a sponsor for lots of kids programming. I remember one live broadcast where they had a kid from the peanut gallery come down to show how easy it was to make a glass of chocolate milk. They gave him a glass and bottle of Bosco then cut to the host of the program telling you how good it was for you. When there was an ear-splitting scream, the camera panned back down to the little kid, who had poured the syrup into the glass to the point where it spilled all over the countertop...he had smeared his hands in it and was then chasing one of the little girls, trying to put it in her hair. All that comes flooding back when I think of Bosco. Sorry about that.

Oh yeah, and it comes from Hew Jersey. Get a rope.


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Texas Football: Why Chad Morris and Allen didn't work​

Matt Stepp

Just over one year into his tenure as head coach of the Allen Eagles, Chad Morris resigned his post Friday morning, the day after the Eagles wrapped up spring football.

Why didn’t things work for Morris in his return to the high school game is the question that many will ask. The biggest reason has nothing to do with Allen or Texas High School Football, it has to do with his departure from Arkansas back in November 2019. Reports are the terms of the buyout involved an off-set, where Arkansas would pay Coach Morris the remaining value of his contract minus the difference of pay from a current employer. It’s possible the terms of the buyout dictate that Coach Morris must try and seek a job in the college ranks to maximize his income and minimize as much as possible the amount of money Arkansas has to pay in the buyout.

It's not unreasonable to believe that working at the high school ranks, even at a job as big as Allen (where Morris made over 141k in 2021) did not satisfy the terms of the buy-out and that Coach Morris can’t fully commit to a return to a college job, while running the Allen program.

Read the story at https://www.texasfootball.com/artic...and-allen-didn-t-work?ref=article_preview_img