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Bracing for Irma

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by froglash88, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Sore from putting up shutters. Still have to help get my in-laws house in order. Planning to evacuate tonight. Wife is talking about maybe South Carolina. If everyone is asleep in the car, auto-pilot may take me to Arkansas. Say a prayer. Thx
  2. My Mom on the gulf coast just evacuated. This storm is a pain in the neck because no one knows where its going. Might go into the gulf, might stay in the atlantic. Moms house already was flattened once (huricane Charlie).
  3. Good luck. Still cleaning up, and will be for a long time, from Harvey. It's Traffic and Mosquito Armagedon down here on top of everything else.
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  4. Where are you? I am in downtown Miami at the moment but heading back tomorrow
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  5. When you tell people from Florida to evacuate, where do they go? Georgia?
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  6. Nm. I'm dumb.
  7. Worst traffic ever
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  8. Dude, SC is probably where Irma will wind up. Spend a few bucks and go to Maui for a week.
  9. Hey Wes

    Fort Lauderdale on the intracoastal and Oakland Park Blvd
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  10. That was the turn around point for most of my runs a few years back.

    Is that Greek restaurant still there?
  11. Yes
    Greek Islands
    One of my favorite restaurants in that price range.
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  12. My company had a national meeting scheduled to begin on Monday in Hollywood FL. This morning we were told to still plan on going. Thankfully American Airlines started blasting texts out saying not to expect flights into South Florida and the company cancelled. Wasn't that enamored with flying on 9-11 anyway.

    Prayers to all those affected by Irma. Evacuation has its own set of dangers.
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  13. Interesting short video of the aftermath. 7 minutes.

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  14. I don't know but they are all heading somewhere
  15. You got one of those $6000 plane seats?
  16. New York
  17. Good luck, FL88. This one looks pretty gnarly...
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    At my client's office at Loop 8 and Westheimer this week. Flew into IAH first thing yesterday morning and took me 3 hrs to get to the office.

    Changed my return flight to Hobby. Looks to be pretty clear that direction.

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