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Bracing for Irma

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by froglash88, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. https://binged.it/2wHNgWu
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  2. When I lived on the beachfront in Hollywood Fla, I would head inland towards the toll highway and go about halfway towards Orlando.
  3. Gulf of Mexico
  4. upload_2017-9-6_20-49-22.jpeg choice A

    upload_2017-9-6_20-50-2.jpeg choice B

    upload_2017-9-6_20-50-37.jpeg choice C
  5. My father just turned 83. Lives in Jacksonville. Heard hurricane and Florida in the same sentence and he's now in Alabama. No joke.
  6. BMC complex? Which building?
  7. Buddy of mine in Delray Beach is going to try to ride it out.
  8. You and your buddies are bad at weather related decisions
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    I never said any of us were smart.
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  10. I travel to FLL frequently and have been since 2008. We lived there 2009-2011. Fun city. Can't tell you how many fish tacos and half price bottles of wine I have consumed at Coconuts.
  11. P66
  12. Ok..so you are north of me. I am out of here tomorrow night but they are really battening down the hatches here

    Are you staying out or riding it out?
  13. I've never experienced anything like it. We've been driving to and from the med center everyday for the last 3 weeks, and normally it's about a 17-20 minute drive, but it took us an hour and five minutes yesterday. It's a 5.8 mile drive

    I still don't fully understand why it's so bad
  14. My father opened/owned (with a couple partners) Coconuts in the early '80s. It's morphed a few times since he sold his interest. Small World!
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  15. Trying to get out of here, but just finished securing both houses.
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  16. Or you could head to Nectar Island and bunk up with Richard Branson and staff in his wine cellar
  17. already blowing the buyout money?
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  18. I
    after almost 12 hours in the airport, I am on the plane and heading out.

    What a freaking zoo this place was today. Much worse than holiday traffic
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