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Bizarre NCAA basketball news

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 26, 2017.

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  2. sonny isn't a fallen angel, he is merely a foot soldier in the war for players soles.
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  3. Foot fetish?
  4. Translation: we gonna try to win the natty while we still can.
  5. That we will have to vacate later but hey, Pitino sez that's cool and nobody will remember.
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  6. Apparently there was no recorded phone call.

    Who broke the news? ESPN? They better hope there is indeed a recording
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  7. This is amazing.

    So ESPN not only failed by reporting Arizona had fired Sean Miller when they hadn't.......they may have also botched the initial report about him even being on a wiretap discussing payments to Ayton?


  8. Sean Miller, you’ve just been exonerated following one of the most reckless journalistic endeavors in sports history. What are you gonna do next?

    “I’m going to own Disney World!”

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  9. Golic and wingo already defending espn basically saying this is an FBI thing
  10. FBI didn’t make ESPN forget to check a calendar before reporting that a phone call in 2017 was about paying a reruit to commit, who signed in 2016. What were they saying?
  11. I heard a bit going to work, they said all this is in the control of the FBI.
  12. Never trust the government, especially the FBI or CIA.
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  13. You KGB?
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  14. Not to mention they lost Shareef O’Neal, Shaq’s son based on this news. He decommitted and signed with UCLA
  15. Here's some of the statement from Miller.

    Lawyers are free to parse the wording here....


  16. Sshhhhhh!! Don't break my cover...
  17. find it interesting there are inferences that kevin ollie's being fired is linked to the fbl probe.

    cheating hasn't been a fire able offense at uconn in quite some time or jim calhoun would have been gone quite some time ago. losing however is a different matter an ollie just had the first back-to-back losing season in storrs in over 30 years.

    the media can spin this all they want, try to make this tied to the fbl investigation, but does anyone really believe that ollie gets fired if he doesn't have a losing season. calhoun NEVER had consecutive losing seasons and only have 1 in his entire time at uconn.

    media needs to stop trying to make this a story and let it play out because history has told us not to expect the ncaa to step in and take action after they got beat in court in the um investigation.
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