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Bizarre NCAA basketball news

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. ....and i’d still take Louisville over Baylor with this news!
  2. Interesting stuff, but doesn't the FBI have anything better to do than to investigate basketball scandals?
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  3. I see your point, but Bob Knight I believe said the only way to get cheating under control is to get the IRS involved. Maybe this is a step in that direction
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  4. I was thinking about that as I was reading the article. If those coaches and players fail to report the bribes as income, then go full Al Capone on them.
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  5. I always wondered why so many elite basketball recruits who could go anywhere in the country would willingly choose to go to the desert.
  6. I completely agree. But I'd be willing to bet the money the gubment spent on this investigation when it's all said and done will far exceed the money exchanging hands between players and coaches, and further the amount of taxes that would've been paid on it. Lots of $1,500 "loans" being handed out.
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  7. I’m all for cleaning the cesspool of “college” athletics up, hopefully the IRS can make it painful for some of these people.

    This should really end the absurd one-and-done system.

    Maybe this gets the NBA to actually let HS grads that are good enough to enter the draft to do so, and either play in the NBA, or at least let them play in the developmental league a season where they can play and get paid.

    There’s not a good enough reason to continue to push some athletes onto college campuses that have no interest or reason for being except to play basketball for a season so they can then enter the draft.

    It distorts the entire college basketball system, allows dirty coaches/agents/shoe guys to game the system, and forces others to play along or get left behind.

    But the problems that currently exist in the amateur basketball system appear to stretch beyond just college basketball, and go into AAU as well.
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  8. AAU is the root of it all. They aren't governed by anyone really.
  9. And Scott Drew is AAU deep
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  10. cheating existed long before aau basketball. aau is only a different access channel than in the past, but cheating has been around as long as people have been keeping score
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  11. Correct and they used to use peach baskets for a hoop, but times change and so do the methods of how they cheat. I'm not arguing that cheating just started.

    In the current climate, AAU is where it's all being funneled right now. These 'select teams' and/or AAU coaches have unprecedented access to the top players in the country that have more interest in mometizing these kids talents rather than just coaching them. Thus the access these agents and clothing companies are getting through to the kids.
  12. greed, arrogance, and a desire to win at all cost are the roots of the problem. aau is merely a device. if aau suddenly went away the shoes companies would simply find another way to exert influence
  13. See you in the pulpit tomorrow, pastor.
  14. just the gospel of sonny vaccaro
  15. Have you seen the women down there?
  16. Truth
  17. No I have not. Would you be so kind as to provide evidence?
  18. You mean as opposed to going to Kansas?
  19. The only thing worse than college football is college basketball .
  20. Wouldn't he be Satan?

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