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Big Monday Roll Call

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MTfrog5, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Wish I could be there. I’ll be watching. Hope it is as loud as some of the ol DMC crowds!
  2. There will 100 percent be complaints. Size issues will be the biggest complaint. What’s on the shirt will be second. Missing shirts will be third but could easily be number one.
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  3. Remember, you didn’t live through the Great Depression! Everybody has that uncle AKA Uncle Grump. Our Uncle Al earned the “favorite pal” moniker.
  4. Ive got two seats available better than what you will get on Stubhub. Have to have Frogs in seats. PM if interested
  5. I think the quality of the shirt will be in the top 3 complaints too. I don't think anybody is uppity enough to expect the free Peter Millar golf shirt I alluded to earlier, but if it's a basic cotton t-shirt we'll see complaints of it not being soft enough, not moisture wicking, etc.
  6. Sorry, tickets are gone
  7. Barstool at Casa de Pharm is ready and waiting. Chicken fajita ingredients just entered the InstaPot. Queso getting slowly heated on the stove. Guacamole is ready as are the pork rinds. Diet Mountain Dew is chilled and waiting to be poured. Cell phone is on Do Not Disturb. And the UNC v UVA game hasn’t even tipped yet.
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    Anyone need a ticket? I’m not feeling well. Free of course.

    Edit: gone
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  9. A quick update the t-shirt fit perfectly. Way to go athletic department.

    Crowd was really great last night. Hope we can do that for the rest of the season.
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