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Big Monday Roll Call

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MTfrog5, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. First I’ve seen it being a white out. Work came up so I won’t be able to drive in but dad and little brother will be there. We need to bring back the DMC crowds for the rest of our home games
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  2. I’ll be there with my BIL but I’m wearing purple by God.

    Not really...I have a white jacket
  3. Who here is going
  4. If and when I show up, you’ll know I’m there.
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  5. I guess I’ll be back on my barstool here at Casa de Pharm. Respect the streak.
  6. The wife and I will be there!
  7. You should be singing the anthem at every game...what the darn....
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  8. I’m on the docket for KSU

    Also I’ve just agreed with them to do a. Pregame concert before the Friday baseball game vs OK state. Should be fun!
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  9. I'll be there but likely may have one extra for you. Will let you know.
  10. Can't be there because of work.
    Gave my ticket to a basketball coach I know.
  11. Check your PM.
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  12. How would you like to have that job?
  13. Ha I’ve always wondered how long that takes when I see NBA teams do it for playoff games. Can’t be fun
  14. Better than the people who get to handle the complaints when random [ Arschloch]s poach extra shirts for their buddies.
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  15. I volunteer as tribute if anyone has an extra (or two) for the game... will wear my own white shirt
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  16. The olds are masters at that. Check out the line before a limited baseball game give away.
  17. That's why I'm planning to be in my seats asap. Optimally before the early dinner Luby's crowd lets out.
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  18. Just watched Hunger Games tonight with the boys for the first time. I hope the odds are ever in our favor tomorrow night. Ok, Ok, that was too much.

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