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Big Monday Roll Call

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MTfrog5, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Prices on stubhub for the KU game are far, far lower than I’ve ever seen them for our home game against the Jayhawks since joining the big 12. And past years were during Christmas break, which meant much more seats on the market. Would have thought demand would be much higher after our big win Saturday night. Guessing this might have to do with KU having a relatively down year and their fans being less motivated to go? Hoping for a strong frog turnout.
  2. I have 2 extras and will sell below what you'd pay on Stubhub. PM me if interested.
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  3. They took that photo from my seats.
  4. It's also more difficult for even Kansas fans to make a random road game on a Monday night when it isn't the holiday season. Don't tell Muck, though. I'm sure he's already camping out outside Scholl in gnarly weather chanting Rack Chalk! at the top of his lungs.
  5. He just took a picture of the arena and commented how "even giving away free shirts won't entice TCU fans to show up. The arena is still empty for a Big Monday game against a perennial power."
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  6. Do not leave your seats empty.
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  7. Also do not give or sell them to KU fans.
  8. Mine are all accounted for.
  9. I’ll be there. A good frog fan let me have his extra ticket.

    I plan on having no voice tomorrow.
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  10. Make sure you do your screaming "JayCocks" bit
  11. Grow up. Who would ever do such a thing?
  12. Forgive me for not knowing how to use a PM yet. But are these tickets still available? A friend of mine is looking for 2
  13. I'll be there. scheiss Kansas.
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  14. This is a massive opportunity. There are some key recruits in town for this game
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  15. In +2 tonight. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this thread before.

    Go Frogs!!
  16. What are the chances the shirt on my seat won’t be the right size?
  17. did you send in the card with your measurements?
  18. My crazy uncle (by marriage) attended my med school graduation 25 years ago. He was probably 70 at the time and was a bit of a hoarder. After the graduation ceremony, we didn't notice, but he had disappeared for a while. He showed up about 15 minutes later with a stack of about 60 of the program booklets that had all of the grads names listed. He had gone around the arena and collected them all because he thought I may want a "couple extra" for souvenirs. He was such a cheapskate, he was also stuffing food into his coat pockets at the reception ceremony. Same guy that had a separate water heater for teh guest portion of the house. When we would go and visit, he would turn off the water heater so we could not waste the energy. My aunt (by blood) had gone and gotten us all kinds of good food for breakfast, but she had to leave for work. When we awoke, all of that food was missing and he made us some burnt dry toast and sent us on our way. He was the worst. He was also know to steal toilet paper from the airport and hotels. Always left a little extra room in his suitcase for things he could pilfer along the way. He was an attorney and a full bird colonel. They weren't hurting for money.
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  19. Here go the complaints predicted by @Peacefrog earlier.

    Kidding Farm...
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