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Big 12 Media Days: Day 2 (WVU, Texas, Baylor, KSU & OSU) - LIVE BLOG

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  1. We're back for Day 2... the Baylor press conference should be interesting... if the guys from Reddit have the balls to ask the same questions directly to Rhule about the NCAA investigation that the did to Bowlsby yesterday.


    Coach Dana Holgorsen, Will Grier QB, David Long Jr. LB, David Sills V WR, Dravon Askew-Henry S, Yodny Cajuste OL

    TEXAS - 10:40AM

    Coach Tom Herman, Andrew Beck TE, Breckyn Hager DL, Chris Nelson DL, Patrick Vahe OL

    BAYLOR - 11:15AM

    Coach Matt Rhule, Chris Platt WR, Greg Roberts DE, Ira Lewis DT, Verkedric Vaughns S

    KANSAS STATE - 11:50AM

    Coach Bill Snyder, Dalton Risner OL, Alex Delton QB, Duke Shelley DB, Skylar Thompson QB

    OKLAHOMA STATE - 12:25

    Coach Mike Gundy, Justice Hill RB, Jalen McCleskey WR, Darrion Daniels DT, Justin Phillips LB

    As with yesterday, we'll be posting the audio from each press conference along with pictures and some video in the main article:


    We'll post photos here in the board as well throughout the morning.
  2. Vicis Helmet we discussed yesterday. Bowlsby said it's heavier, and I don't have any specific numbers, but comparing it to the Schutt TCU helmet on display it feels twice as heavy :eek:

    IMG_2245.jpg IMG_6900.jpg IMG_1323.jpg IMG_9135.jpg IMG_1321.jpg
  3. First up today is Greg Burks, new Coordinator of Officials, previously from the MWC (groan?)
  4. This year there will be a crackdown on uniforms. Not covering your knees will be addressed, officials will sit players that don't protect their knees. Must be fully covered.
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  5. Coaches can call timeout to get the player back in the game immediately.
  6. Jersey must be down to the pants level or tucked in, no more Baylor midriff.
  7. Back pads have to be covered as well.
  8. Good. The football "shorts" is a terrible look and I can't believe with all the safety-first stuff in the game today this hasn't been addressed a long time ago. If it slows players down, good, that makes the game safer. Duh.
  9. Play Clock after TD and Free Kicks...

    After a TD the play clock will be set to 40 seconds. Following a free kick the play clock will be set to 40 seconds in order to restart quickly.

    I have NO idea how the free kick rule will play out given media's preference to make those natural commercial breaks.
  10. This seems like a crack down on celebrations. You can't dance around and go crazy if you have 40 seconds to get setup for a PAT.
  11. Free kick fair catch rule, making kick offs safer.

    Fair catch inside of the 25 the ball is placed at the 25. I suspect this will create a lot of line drive kicks that try to hit before the player can fair catch.
  12. The offensive team does not have to attempt PAT. So, the offense can elect not to kick the extra point at the end of a game.
  13. Blocking below the waist... no change to lineman inside the tackle box. All other players are allowed to block below the waist as long as the initial contact is from the front (10 to 2 o'clock). Three exceptions:

    1. Can't block below the waist 5 yards or more past the neutral zone (WRs)
    2. Once the ball is outside the tackle box may not block towards own end line.
    3. WR or backs outside of the box or in motion may not block below the waist.
  14. Leaping... player leaping must leap vertical and not enter the blocker's space in front of them. If blocker comes out to engage a vertical jumper then it's legal.
  15. FG Penalty Enforcement... if a personal foul on FG you can now elect to take the points and have the penalty asses on the next play. With the kickoff rule change this seems silly.
  16. Instant Replay 10 second runoff - less than one min in either half and a replay review results in the on field ruling being reversed and the correct call would have not stopped the clock then the clock is put back to where the player was down and a 10 second runoff will be assessed (but the clock will be stopped).
  17. I'll explain this more shortly when we get a break.
  18. Big XII will have replay screens on the sideline so the official on the field can watch what is happening while the booth reviews the play.
  19. This should make explanations better.
  20. Targeting... no change to the replay rules regarding targeting. The league feels like the rule change made in the last couple of years were positive.

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