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TCU’s 7-3 record vs UT since joining the B12 should help prepare you for the SEC.



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Meh. Big State U is always going to be better over the long term. The remarkable thing is that UT football hasn't consistently done more with what they've always had. In the long history of college football, no program has done less with more.

Then there's the fact that our brethren in Austin have used their power and privilege to destroy the historic integrity of college football in the state of Texas. Congratulations, you're a bunch of selfish [ Arschloch]s. If being a dick on another school's message board makes you feel better about that, you're clearly worse than an [ Arschloch].


So UT is like the kid who peaked in high school. We get it. You were hot [ #2020 ] 20 years ago. Guess whose got the girl now?

so apt that matthew is the minister of culture for texas as texas is the wooderson of college football
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The most unfathomable line of thinking from UTerus is that everybody else is holding them back. They actually think when they get to the SEC they will finally be free of the dead weight and will soar with the eagles. Image thinking…We could have gone to a bowl game this year if Kansas hadn’t beat us…if you’re big bad Texas I mean.


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Since you want discuss ancient history…
15November 16, 1929 Austin TCU 15–12
16November 15, 1930 Fort Worth Texas 7–0
17November 14, 1931 Austin Texas 10–0
18November 11, 1932 Fort Worth TCU 14–0
19November 18, 1933 Austin TCU 30–0
20November 17, 1934 Fort Worth Texas 20–19
21November 16, 1935 Austin TCU 28–0
22November 7, 1936 Austin TCU 27–6
23November 13, 1937 Austin TCU 14–0
24November 12, 1938 Fort Worth #1 TCU
We all looked better in the 60s and 70s…

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