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Big 12 3-Way?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by rifram09, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. So what if TCU-OU-OSU end the season in a CFB ménage a trois?

    Say OU beats TCU, OSU beats OU, and we all win the rest. What's the tie breaker?
  2. coach fight...
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  4. CWS appearances in the last decade
  5. It's kind of convoluted when you read the procedures on the Big 12 website, but I think it basically comes down to margin of victory in conference games. We're getting WAY ahead of ourselves again, we've only played one conference game so far. The odds of three teams finishing in a tie is probably less than 10%.
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  6. I'll consider a three way, but not if Tech is involved. That's just gross.

  7. This group has so many forward thinkers there's NO WAY they can get ahead of themselves. SHEESH!
  8. Man I'm glad you are here to constantly bring us all back down to earth.

    I'm sure if we were to consider this three way tie any further, the season would suddenly come crashing down.
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  9. Simple, if we win our last game big, use the tried and true process of dropping us to 6th...
  10. Given the convoluted rationale of the NCAA all three would likely be charged with moral indecency.
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  11. The team with the worst differential among the 3 is eliminated. The remaining 2 use H2H to determine seeding for the championship game. So if you beat a team really bad, you hurt their scoring differential to the point where they're the first team eliminated, leaving you to go head to head with the team you lost to.

    For example, if we lose to OU by 14, we're a -1 overall in the TCU/OU/OSU three-way you described. If OSU blasts OU by 50, OU has a differential of -36 (a 14 point win over us and a 50 point loss to OSU). OSU would then have a differential of +37. And we'd still be a -1. So OU would be eliminated, leaving us and OSU head to head, which we win.

    But, if OSU only beats OU by 14 instead of 50, OU's differential would be 0 (a 14 point win and a 14 point loss). OSU's would be +1 and we would be eliminated with a -1. That would leave OSU head to head with OU, which they win.
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  12. You're welcome.

    Beat WVU.

  14. Right. Thanks for breaking that down. Suddenly I'm really glad OSU came roaring back in the 4th quarter to close the gap... I think?
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  15. Baylor would try to rape the other two. Raider Rash. Why not highest poll average?
  16. A criminally underrated movie, IMO. The "dude" scene is 100% genius.
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  17. We have 1 Nice conference win. All this talk of a Big 12 title and Playoff birth is going induce a seizure in the paranoid parts of my brain...

    I swear if you &&@ jinx this.....
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