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Beaumont Enterprise: Newton’s Sylvester de-commits from TCU

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Did he bother to go check on Brewer tonight or is he waiting for an official to tell him to do so?
  2. He’s going to Dalals
  3. Do you know where you can go?
  4. Is that a strip club?
  5. Didn't one of Rhule's assistants get fired for attending that club?
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  6. No that's Lincoln or Urban. Jerry wouldn't have someone that looks like a bum on the sideline.
  7. How else would you describe the look of Jason Garrett?
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  8. I'm talking about that ugly ass short sleeve hoodie thing that Rhule wears.
  9. he's probably going to the county jail for some typical baylol recruiting.
  10. Wasn't meant to be a Frog.....or he would be.

    John Calvin
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  11. Coach Arminius has an in home this week to try to flip him back.. It's still his choice.
  12. I knew what you meant. Just had to make the comment that Garrett could wear a designer 3 piece suit and still look like a bum on the sideline.
  13. Calvinism > 5 points > stars also have 5 points > Cowboys logo is a star > Rhule will be hired by Jerruh.
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  14. Liked for 5 points reference.
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  15. Nicely done although it could be “Calvinism > 5 Points > The Five Points, NYC > NY Giants fire Shurmur > Gangs of the Five Points were Irish-American > NY Giants hire Brian Kelly > Rhule to Notre Dame
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  16. I'm just trying to make sure Jason Garrett gets canned.
  17. Unconditional Froglection proves to be true once again. TULIP is undefeated.
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  18. You are right-- Sam Baugh transferred from Longhorns to TCU-- that worked out pretty good;).
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