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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. A real frog-floater...

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  2. #WVBeatBU_by14
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  3. Yup. Just checked. Baylor = still in Waco. You suck again!
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    pass it on, get it trending
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Sorry, I'm late guys.  I got stuck at Baylorfans
  7. Is Baylor's OOC schedule, or their loss to WVU, more like the Carlton Dotson (murderer) of their football playoff hopes? Only serious answers, please. 
  8. Gonna go Loss to WVU.
    Baylor undefeated is #4 right now.

    OOC strength matters when you have a loss. See Miss State who has a horrible OOC
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  10. Baylor just moved up in their OOC ranking. With Buffalos performance tonight they are now 127 out of 128th in OOC rankings.
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  11. [​IMG]
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    Someone should email this to the WVU AD!  and maybe Herbstreit too!  :)
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  13. Riggs I think it's ooc. It's one thing to be soft, but dead last is very bad and people are running with it. It will get better (and ours worse) but hopefully the word is out! We need to get twitter blasting that. Also I said early in year that Briles smugness was gonna bite him in the ass. When asked about his soft schedule early on, he replied "an undefeated big12 team will get in". I don't think that sat well with people wanting quality games. Also think there is a third variable, their not showing well for first BCS game. My .02
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  14. ...and someone asked elsewhere, "Why the Baylor hate?"
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  15. I think undefeated Baylor would be #2 right now just like undefeated TCU would be.  I don't see any reason a non-SEC team would get the #1 spot if an undefeated SEC team exists.  The bias is just too scrong.  That said, an undefeated TCU or Baylor would trump a 1 loss Oregon and undefeated FSU (this year's version) every time.
    That said, I agree with your larger point that the loss to 4-loss WVU is their albatross at this point.  I'd like to see KSU beat WVU and Baylor and just put an end to this nonsense, but I'm not holding my breath.  At the end of the season, though, I think we'll basically be tied with Baylor in every comparative measure except OoC schedule, quality of loss, and quality of defense.  I think those three factors will elevate us above Baylor before we have to get to the H2H "tie-breaker" everyone talks so much about.
  16. Statesman reporters have it……and they just ran it out on live chat.
    Ha!  You just won the thread in my opinion.  

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