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  1. Hell, I’d take $5MM a year with unrealistic, unattainable expectations.
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  2. TCU jobs in the big 3 sports are fast becoming similar-type jobs tbh. Huge pay, not that much in the way of expectations.
  3. Or results.
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    Starts at the top - We don’t have an Athletic dept structure to push any of our big 3 coaches
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  5. You guys wanna form your own chain called "TCU Bitchfest"? Leave it out of the Tears thread.
  6. Well lately it seems we have been the ones with the reason to cry
  7. Nope, not even. We are not and will never be those rape enabling, dorky, milk and cookie eating, bear humping, sports ignorant, cheating Baylor asshats.
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  8. I’ll take a few mediocre seasons for no mass sexual assaults, character issues with coaches, and a dead player in a trunk, thanks.
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  9. Baylor sucks
  10. Bahhaa! Get that Baylor filth off my feed!

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