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  1. Build A Fence!
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  2. My oldest actually visited (they offered a ton of scholarship money). Literally hated every second of it. Said it was “beyond weird”.
  3. Weird is an understatement. It is obvious that you have taught your children well.
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    Baylor sucks.
  5. Punishment had better fit the crime(s)!
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  6. I wish so too, but nothing short of the death penalty would be appropriate and we all know that won't happen.. I strongly bet they won't even get the equivalent of TCU's living death penalty of 1986..
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  7. Sanctions to include having to employ four coaches within 5 years, get a taste of success before going back into the dumpster, and having a logo where their mascot looks like one of the Village People in a sailor's cap.
  8. Sending Art and family to Iran would be nice as well as the ex-AD and Ken Starr.

  9. I’d call that a slap on the wrist if I’ve ever seen on. Upperclassmen don’t even sit out a full series and I highly doubt they sit any series worth a damn
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  10. What did they do? All it says is a “hazing incident”. Hard to tell whether it’s a slap on the wrist without knowing what the crime was.
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  11. I wonder if it involved cats?
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  12. Doesn’t matter. Suspend them all at once for an entire series at least. Not whenever you pick and choose what guys sit when. Not first incident involving hazing at that school either.
  13. Don’t bet on it
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  14. Aranda wouldn’t have taken the job is Baylor’s punishment was anything more than a slap on the wrist
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  15. So staggered over three weeks, which probably means no one gets more than a week off max. Baylor being Baylor.
  16. That's a classic target for Baylor baseball.
  17. Or he wanted to take his first HC job, cash in, know he wasn’t going to win a championship at Baylor anyway so sanctions don’t matter and then use the job to springboard him into an SEC HC job. I’d take $5MM a year with low expectations.
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  18. I would take 5 mil a year with no expectations.

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