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  1. Gonna hang a banner
  2. Are...are they really taking credit for his stats at LSU? Is this like their bowl game banners they've never been to and Pappadeux they never got? And no sexual assaults for three years in a row?
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  3. REPORTED sexual assaults

    Remember that short scene in Bill Murray stripes movie? When the recruiter he had to ask the required questions, have you ever been convicted of a major felony? Murray says, felony? Recruiter says yeah you know like rape, robbery etc. Bill Murray says convicted?? Recruiter says yeah, convicted. Murray says, no no never convicted.
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  4. They’ll claim NFL wins next year too.
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  5. It's Wednesday.
    scheiss baylol
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  6. Baylor student has been tested for Coronavirus. I think we should quarantine the entire town for the next 10 years. You can't be too careful.
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  7. Only 10 years seems risky.
  8. I'd say a minimum of 50 years.
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  9. Good start.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I’m with Ripley. Nuke the entire site from orbit.

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  12. Yeah. It’s the only way to be sure...
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and [Baylor asshoe]!!
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  13. I see BearlyAFrog is still lurking around our board like a, well, rapist.
  14. He must be banned from all Baylor forums.
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  15. Guys, honest predicament. It seems that my kids are getting in trouble at school (all elementary aged) because they always refer to Baylor as “Stupid Baylor”. My wife seems to think that it is because I always refer to them as Stupid Baylor in any context. I don’t see any correlation whatsoever.

  16. Take my approach. Principal called to say a teacher overhead my son call another kid a scheiss face. Told the principal I knew the other kid and my son was right.
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  17. That’s a nice thing to say imo
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  18. When my daughter, now TCU freshman, was a senior in high school, several of her classmates/friends wanted her to go on a visit to baylor with them. My daughter responded, "Rape U, no thanks."

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