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Bad news Astros haters

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Good for the astros to make the ALCS this year considering the pressure they faced and the injury problems. I’m sure they’d rather be in the WS but making to game 7 of the ALCS is a strong season.
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  2. And did so without two of the best pitchers in baseball. Ranger fans are kind of like Baylor people, can’t win, so they find someone to hate to fill the void...
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  3. Love the hatey hates! Rangers fans are so sad. One win away from the World Series with a bunch of rooks. Going to continue to be fun watching the Stros and polishing that WS trophy!
  4. Lol at pointing at other cheaters. New low.

    Re-read thread title.
  5. scheiss the Astros. They went 29-31 in the regular season and 8-5 in the postseason (that they shouldn't even have been in). They're a mediocre team and the analytics competitive advantage they used to enjoy is gone because 2/3 of MLB is doing the same thing now.
  6. There is no better comparison to Baylor fans than Houston fans. It’s laughable that you typed that for the public to see.

    I mean outside of the crime itself, the two situations and the aftermath are almost identical.

    Commit the crime.
    Get caught.
    Deny crime.
    Defend criminals.
    Defend management.
    Point fingers at other cheaters.
    Continue to deny.
    Then blame other fans as conspiracy theorist.

    I mean, you nailed this one Hoosier.
  7. Keep telling yourself that.

    If you're not first, you're last.
  8. Dude...the Astros are EXACTLY Baylor. Everyone in the country outside of their fans hate them. EVERYONE.
  9. Well, yeah there were all those Astro rapes...

    Stealing signs does not constitute a crime. If they punished everyone that steals signs, there’d be no baseball. Granted they took it to another level, but theft whether taken by your hand or by a computer is still theft. So your argument is the method?

    So, as I said before you are still a a TCU fan in spite of our NCAA cheating. So holier than thou when you can pick and choose. Hate the team that cheated, this one didn’t and they still made it to the ALCS.
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  10. Well, mathematically that is just incorrect.
  11. Classic deflection. Good work Hoosier!
  12. I live in the DC area, and everyone here hates the Astros because they’re a bunch of cheaters. It was delicious to crush their dreams last year in front of their fans.
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  13. Nice deflection of my deflection. So your moral indignation only applies to situations you choose. Got it. Cheating is cheating in Houston, but not Fort Worth? Do you still hate the White Sox for Shoeless Joe?
  14. So you out scraping off your TCU stickers too?
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  15. So did 2/3rds of MLB teams come within one win of advancing to the WS? If the Astros being one of the last four teams playing baseball is mediocre, what does that say about the 20+ teams who’s season ended earlier?
  16. The White Sox cheated fo lose because their owner was a cheap SOB who wouldn't pay his players fairly so they took a better deal from a gambler. Yea what they did was wrong but they were all punished appropriately.

    Their are literally no similarities between the Black Sox and the Trashstros.....
  17. That almost all of them are mediocre or worse. I'm certain you understood that before you asked the question.
  18. I don’t watch enough MLB to have an informed opinion about the quality of play or what constitutes parity v mediocrity.
  19. And yet, in 2017, the Dodgers, Yankees, and Red Sox all cheated in the same manner as the Astros, and MLB knew it. They singled out the Astros for blame and made them the scapegoat, while keeping all the records of their investigations of the Dodgers and Yankees confidential. In spite of this, the Astros, while under the eye of MLB and under the concentrated bile and hatred of sportswriters and sportstalkers* everywhere, somehow managed to go to the ALCS and WS the last three seasons without the possibility of "cheating."

    It's actually fun to see so many people with their panties in a wad! Do you realize how ridiculous you look? I don't even live in the Houston area any more, and haven't watched an Astros game this season, but I actually wanted them to win for the sole reason of watching the deranged reactions of the Usual Suspects. Hell, even when they lose Game 7 of a near-miracle comeback series, the reaction is so over the top that it is laughable. You did not disappoint...

    *The "sports" commentariat is a particularly loathsome bunch of swine. It astounds me to accidentally tune to a "Sportstalk" show and hear the loony crap that is spewed. The usual Stupid Radio Schtick has been dialed up a few notches, while the smarts has been turned all the way off. Such are the wages of Cowturd, Skip Brainless, and I cannot even remember the jerk who was Mr. Sportstalk for years. Sometimes amnesia is a good thing...
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  20. Literally no comparison, because the Black Sox actually committed a real crime.

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