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Bad news Astros haters

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Loel Passe agrees...
  2. Undoubtedly it goes in cycles and there will be another point in which the Astros go down. It was fun being in school when the Rangers were making their runs. Unfortunately they never got the trophy the Astros did and the jealousy and saying it was all because of cheating has led me to turn on the Rangers. I always understood the Red Sox and Yankees who got beat by those Stros teams who were salty, even though I didn’t have much sympathy because they have been found to be doing the exact same thing. But the saltiness from the Rangers fans is out of pure jealousy and I have to chuckle reading this thread, from Rangers fans scheissing the Astros, as Correa and Altuve are still hitting balls into outer space.
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  3. Astros are like Baylor. Regardless of what they accomplished, it’ll always be tarnished. #neverforget
  4. I don’t disagree that the Astros were cheating, and that it tarnished things, but I don’t understand why the 2018 Red Sox aren’t getting the same flak. Or the Yankees. They were all cheating. It’s kind of like the Patriots and all the grief they’ve gotten, yet there’s multiple others teams that have gotten busted for various infractions that we never talk about. I’m fine with criticism, but at least be consistent and honest about it. It’s BS when we use one player/team to make a point about a situation and let everyone else off the hook
  5. Making the ALCS (4th straight) without Cole, Verlander, Osuna, Yordan, Lunhow and Hinch. Such a tarnished team. Comparing rape cover up to what every other team in the MLB was doing. Hope this image helps with all the salt.

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Would have been a much better post without the Osuna mention.
  8. Damn, I was hoping this was news that the Astros have decided to hire Jon Daniels away from the Rangers.....
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  9. Never was a fan but he produced. Certainly wasn't a fan when he was brought on.

    Furthers my point though. If all the haters want to use the Osuna mess against the Astros as well, then this team, that is headed to the ALCS again, is doing it without injured Osuna. This team loses most of their pitching, has to hear for over a year how they were only productive because they cheated, and still wills their way to an ALCS with their bats. Haters gunna hate.
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  10. Mixon produced too.
  11. Boykin produced too.
  12. If Boykin engaged in domestic violence while at TCU and it was known, I’d agree with the metaphor.
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  13. EVERYBODY was not doing what they were doing. I have no issue giving them credit for whatever they've accomplished in this bizarre 2020 season but don't kid yourself, people hate them because their GM was a pompous social misfit [ Arschloch] who created an awful culture centered around winning at all (and I mean ALL) costs and it came crashing down on him. There are good players on that club and good people that work for them but I hope he never works again.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Then I guess it’s a good think Osuna didn’t engage in domestic violence while with the Astros.

    Same could be said with your Mixon metaphor. Mixon was a coverup. Astros was not. Gave a zero tolerance policy after suspension served and no charges pressed.

    I am not an Osuna defender. I wish the Astros didn’t bring him in and wish he wasn’t still with the organization. Only point is he is warranted by the haters and maybe his karma is being injured. Astros are still winning even without him. Haters gunna hate.
  16. Except for the part that pretty much everyone was doing what they were doing. Rangers included.
  17. You keep telling yourself that.
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  18. Astros proactively sought out a player serving a suspension for domestic violence. To me that’s even worse...on par with OU and DGB. Karma is on the GM and cosch
  19. I kind of want him to take Texans GM job. hah. Texans could use someone who is win at all costs for a year or two to get them back on track
  20. If only Nelson Cruz had caught that fly ball............
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