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Bad news Astros haters

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hoosierfrog, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. This is fun.

    The disingenuousness of people is hilarious. My guess most of theses people wouldn’t say anything good about Houston if Altuve cured cancer.
  2. "Altuve (who cheated!) Puts Millions of Doctors Out Of Work!"
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  3. Haha baylor never won anything and the Astros won a World Series! Love that trophy!
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  4. Guess the rangers have always finished last then
  5. Ass-tros have too, except for the *
  6. If it makes you feel better
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  7. For some reason I guess it does help them. I haven’t found that asterisk. Usually when I look on Wikipedia or google Astros and World Series I get pictures of the games I went to and that beautiful trophy! I hope the Rangers fans get to enjoy that feeling some day. Crazy Stros were one win away for playing for that shiny trophy again!
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  8. Just trying to get ground rules for hate down. Do we hate the Rangers for eternity because Rafael Palmeiro cheated by using steroids?

    Is there a statute of limitations or does Astro hate include all eternity, the pitchers, bench guys who didn’t benefit, guys not on the team at the time? It’s all so confusing.
  9. You’re still deflecting. You started a Houston Astros ship talking thread. Don’t be surprised when the responses aren’t favorable. Especially when they lose.
  10. You clowns are so scheissing funny.

    Palmerio got busted when he was with Baltimore.

    But since you want to bring up steroids let's talk about all the dirty Ass-tros there were. Bagwell, Caminiti, Clemens, Pettitte, Tejada. Did I forget anybody?

    Anything bad you want to say about the Rangers, I can throw right back at you.
  11. You seem agitated.
  12. Not at all. I really think yall are funny.

    But its time to see who's going to play the ass-tros, I mean the Rays in World Series. Game 7 between the Braves and dodgers is about to start. I'll laugh at yall later. Go Braves!
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    What am I deflecting? I haven’t denied a thing. You’re the one that seems to be so terribly hurt by all this. And you are the one that seems to have Set all the ground rules that all cheaters should be hated, or is it just anything to do with Houston? The team that lost did so without cheating and was one game from going to the series. Favorable comments or non favorable don’t elate nor do they upset me. I just like jacking with people that go into utter apoplexy about the Astros, but pick and choose among others (such as my alma mater and I suppose yours) who have cheated. It just seems a bit disingenuous.
  14. You don’t seem amused, but laugh away. I’m thrilled they got as far as they did.
  15. Haha remember when the Rangers won a World Series.
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  16. It was in all the papers already.
  17. You’re not all there.

  18. Well that is certainly responsive.

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