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Armed Forces Bowl

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Just wondering about the move to early January. Is this a sign that the bowl is in trouble? Some other reason? Perhaps to accommodate Navy or Army since they play that late regular season game? Seems pretty well attended as non-major bowls go. Son was there this morning. Said good experience.
  2. Anyone know what the flyover consisted of? Was too busy consoling my daughter who was losing her mind at the noise. Thought attendance was great.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Thanks but that doesn’t help me much - what are those birds?
  5. i believe f-35's, but will defer
  6. F-35s?
  7. F-35’s.. manufactured by Lockheed Martin here in Ft Worth....state of the art
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  8. 4 F35s

    I thought the turn out was not bad. A lot of Lockheed Martin employees and
    Contractors. Not a lot of Southern Miss
    Or Tulane fans. Lockheed offered
    $10 tickets to employees, and there were a lot.
  9. Fly-by video?
  10. F-35s? Not sure, but they were LOUD, and I live 2.5 miles to the east.
  11. Yes and yes.
  12. Yeah, they were loud. I thought Iran had retaliated and I was witnessing WW3. Then, 20 minutes later Insaw someone post the flyover on FB and realized I'm a dumbass.
  13. Watched a little bit, game was well attended. Not a shot, but looked better on tv than the majority of TCU games this year.
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  15. Perfect weather doesn't hurt.
  16. Pretty good turnout.

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  17. Yep. The 400 level was behind the camera. But the rest of the stadium filled out pretty well.
  18. I’d bet everything I own that less than half the seats had a butt in them. And I’d bet a decent amount of money less than 40% were being used. These announced attendance figures are ridiculous.
  19. I was there. You’re wrong. Send me a check.
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  20. Loud as hell at my house. Walked out front to see it when I heard it but apparently I was too late.
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