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Any Olympians you've ever really disliked?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    Or as I call him, Johnny WeirD.
  2. That guy isn't long for this world. Putin will find him.
  3. Norman Chad is hilarious, and 100% sarcasm.
  4. And a lady speaks on the subject!

    This is this is nominated for best use of a gif award. Love it!
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  5. [​IMG]

    I'm a fan of Eddie The Eagle and his story.

    No drugs.

    No scandal.

    No high tech gear.

    Just a guy who wanted to go to the Olympics.

  6. US women’s curling team is severely underwhelming in their looks and their performance so far.
  7. I feel like the winter Olympics or at least those that NBC chooses to air is 85% figure skating. When does the figure skating end?
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  8. It ends when Tara says it ends & not before.
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  9. Seriously, it must get good ratings but I will not watch it. I fast forward through it until there is an American skating and then I “watch” that with only two arrows of fast forward.
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  10. I would enjoy it more if they had Tara in a corner picture-in-picture view while she is commenting.
  11. What would you rather watch? Cross-country skiing? Curling? Riveting!!
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  12. Curling 100% of the time between the two.
  13. Yeah, easily hands down no choice. I find curling far more interesting and engaging.
  14. Right. The other is the equivalent of watching a 5k on tv. That's no fun.
  15. Tara curling
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  17. The skiatholon and biathlon actually are very entertaining. When someone is in the lead and they have to shoot 5 shots from the standing position after skiing 2.5km with the crowd roaring after each hit...I could watch that all day. I am an Olympics junky though.
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  18. Has anyone said LeBron James?
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  19. I cannot stand this Rippon kid. He made everything political and about his LGBTQ agenda. And then one week in, he said he was tired of everyone making it political. Seriously? He's a tool.
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  20. I want the Luge and Bobsledding. Hockey used to be interesting.

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