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Anderson to be OL coach.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Wexahu, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Can you specify what actions GP has taken so far this off season to create this confidence? Just curious.
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  2. I’m in the exact same boat. People didn’t even care to go for free so I’m dropping most of my tickets.
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  3. Not retired? Let’s see who he hires.
  4. scheiss off you rape supporter.
  5. better players, Boykin corrected a lot of their mistakes and he got rid of the ball quickly.
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  6. Eh, I’ve been called much worse by much smarter.
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  7. You mean the Boykin who in 2013 everybody here wanted to move to WR or RB because he was not a QB and couldn’t throw? And the 2013 OL that was the worst at TCU in the last 20 years?
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  8. This is where I fall and why Wednesday didn’t excite me that much. Retread ideas coupled with poor talent development doesn’t allow for much positivity from me.
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  9. I don't respect his decision.
  10. Where did this quote come from? Have a link?
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  11. Congratulations
  12. He made it up.
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    Agree ... totally disgusted ! Prefer not to really voice my true opinion on this site ... as I wish not to be banned.
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  14. They almost did. They lost in overtime in a game that would have put them in the playoff.
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  15. Our most consistently underperforming coach moved to our greatest area of need for improvement; replacing one of the few offensive coaches there is reason to hope can do better with one for whom there is none at all.

    GP either doesn't care about winning more than he cares about loyalty to his cronies, or else he has no idea how incompetent his subordinates are. Either way, that's a damning indictment. Better to retire at that point.

    I'll still watch our football games, cheer for TCU and hope for the best. But I'm not expending any more emotional energy thinking about this program until either there is a major shake-up on the offensive staff or GP emphatically proves me wrong. If he thinks he can win ten-plus games with this staff he'd better get on and prove it. I can't see any reason to imagine that he can.

    .500 looks like the ceiling for this program. We are now what they said we'd be in the Big XII. Congratulations, coach.
  16. You guys should take him. He’d immediately be best player you signed this year.
  17. Oliver was a very big part in what success Anderson could claim. when Oliver left ... We saw what happened the next year without him.
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  18. I’m just as upset about this as the next guy but a few of you need to go have a few drinks, enjoy the holidays, and let this all play out.
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  19. Uh. We have 7 pages and counting on this subject. I suppose confirmed evidence/reporting exists, but where is it?
  20. He was such a good coach he isn’t even doing it anymore 4 years later.
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