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Anderson to be OL coach.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Wexahu, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Not surprising I guess.
  2. Literally makes me want to puke.
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  3. just wait and make sure burns isn't going back to coach receivers and kenny hill become the running back coach.

    no reason to wretch twice

    why do i smell another ga situation where savino does the coaching, but can't recruit and anderson gets to keep a 6-figure job for basically being loyal to gary.

    a tenured professor has less job security
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  4. scheiss that.
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  5. what a give up. GP's loyalty going to sink him.

    What a disaster.
  6. Ceiling for next season is 8 wins. And the most likely is 6-7. Such poor effort by GP.

    Either he go caught with his pants down or he just wants to take care of his buddies.
  7. GP really making the tough decisions this offseason
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  9. I don’t have the same disdain for Anderson that some do, but this does look like a give up move.
  10. I think he’s an analyst and not a GA. Not sure what that allows him to do.
  11. Good news is our blocking this year can’t get worse.
  12. he killed offensive line recruiting for three years and if he wasn't good enough to do the job before why the hell are you bringing him back?

    this is a comfort move by gary and one reason why cumbie still has a job is he is going to go along with anything gary wants him to do and be well paid for it.
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  13. Anderson says “hold my beer.”
  14. he can work with players during practices and altman is a ga as well.

    they can cover the o-line in practice while anderson gets gary water and thanks him for keeping him around on staff
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  15. Also presumably helped develop Big V, Hunt, Collins, Noteboom, etc. I don’t think you can completely discredit that.
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  16. It's like he is daring us not to renew our season tickets.
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  17. Simply disgusting. I would say so much more, but the filters would shut down what I really want to say. GP just proved nothing is more important to him than his good ol buddy, not even his football team. So sad...
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  18. They should move Anderson to recruiting coordinator and go get a real offensive line coach.
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  19. For the first time ever, I am beginning to think about not renewing my season tickets. If GP doesn't care, why should we.
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    he coached them, but if you read the draft reviews of them they were not considered polished prospects and the primary interests in big v, collins, and noteboom especially were their athletic ability.

    try to find a draft review of anyone from that group that talks about their technical proficiency at the position.

    also remember he wasn't the offensive line coach in 2012 and 2013 so he did not work with big v, hunt, and collins until year 3 of their time on the tcu offensive line.
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