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Anderson to be OL coach.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Wexahu, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Imagine being Garrett Hayes, our top O line recruit ever. Your coach who recruited you is now at Florida State, and you now have Jarrett Anderson as your position coach.
  2. curioius if this has been in the works for a bit of time.

    the only recruit the frogs signed that anderson is listed as one of the recruiters is hayes. hayes never waivered when the first rumor came out about thomsen to fsu even though arkansas signed a hc who is a highly regarded offensive line coach with a rep for putting multiple kids in the nfl and i am not talking udfa's but top round picks.
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  3. when the frogs rebounded in 2014 they made significant changes in their offensive staff and style of play

    when they rebounded in 2017 they made a big changes once again in the offensive staff.

    this move feels like it has been in place for some time so that leaves the question to will gary do what he did in 2014 and 2017 and go outside the family or will we see more comfort hires
  4. Can’t believe I’m saying it...I’m about to get onboard the fire GP train. He just can’t help himself with this crap.

    Still holding onto hope with the OC situation but it’s fading quickly.
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  5. Not to worry. Gary will grow him up.
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  6. Should we mutiny?
  7. Of all the good OL coaches in this country we go we a retread. Really? What are we thinking?
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  8. Anderson was one of the coaches who recruited him. Kid really likes him for all we know.
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  9. GP doesn’t give a scheiss what any of us thinks. This is his program...
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  10. Maybe he's bringing in a (co) OC who has significant O-line experience and putting Kelly over all receivers?
  11. What do you have in mind?
  12. I guess time will tell...
  13. Yep, if the offense struggles again next year, we are going to start having some real attendance problems in 2021. It's flat out not entertaining watching this offense. It's awful. I'll admit I attended the games probably more because of a feeling of obligation and out of habit than because I was genuinely excited about watching the game. I think GP is mostly oblivious to all this though, he thinks 40,000+ should be there every saturday because they are frog fans. It doesn't work that way, people have way many other things to do besides watch bad, boring football.
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  14. we will see how full the stands are if this team puts the same product we were forced to watch this last year. We should be no worse then a top 3 team in our league year in and out with the talent and resources we have.
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    I mean it’s possible you let Kelly handle all the WR and bring in a RB coach and a Co-OC with OL experience. I’m skeptical though.
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  16. "Bubba's Book of Southern Etiquette" clearly states that you cannot fire a coach who already has a statue.
  17. It is a hopeless move. Gary should take the CFP/National Championship off the top of his famous pyramid that he gets the kids to sign off on....how disheartening this is....
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  18. Now that’s something I could understand so I doubt it happens
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  19. No idea, I’ve never mutinied before.
  20. Funny how everyone always talks tough about dumping tickets. But there were very few open season tickets when I went to renew in basketball this year and likewise in football.

    The teams choice in OL coach is not going to impact the bottom line at all. I’d imagine 45,000 of the 50,000 ticket holders couldn’t care less or even know who the OL coach is.

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